The Best Places To Get An Affordable, Quality Haircut In La

In a city full of glitz and glamour like Los Angeles, it can be tempting to drop big bucks at an upscale salon for your next haircut. But with some savvy research and insider tips, you can find fabulous haircuts in LA without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a quick answer: Head to budget-friendly chains like Supercuts, Sport Clips, or Fantastic Sam’s, seek out local barber colleges like Moler Barber College, or visit an Asian-owned salon like Q & A Hair Salon in Chinatown. Going on weekday mornings and avoiding stylists with the most experience can also save you money.

This comprehensive guide covers all the best options for cheap haircuts across Los Angeles. With clever tips for saving and reviews of salons known for their bargain styles, you’ll leave with a fresh cut and money still in your wallet.

Haircut Chains


Supercuts is a well-known haircut chain that has been providing affordable and quality haircuts for years. With numerous locations across Los Angeles, you can easily find a Supercuts near you. Their skilled stylists are trained to provide stylish haircuts for both men and women, ensuring that you leave the salon looking and feeling great.

Supercuts is known for its no-frills approach, offering quick and efficient haircuts without compromising on quality. They also offer additional services such as beard trims and hair coloring, making it a one-stop-shop for all your hair needs.

Sport Clips

If you’re a sports enthusiast looking for a haircut, Sport Clips might be the perfect choice for you. With a sports-themed environment, complete with TVs playing sports games and memorabilia adorning the walls, Sport Clips offers a unique experience for their customers.

Their stylists are trained in men’s haircuts and specialize in creating trendy and stylish looks. Sport Clips also offers services such as neck and shoulder massages and hot towel treatments, adding an extra touch of relaxation to your haircut experience.

Fantastic Sam’s

Fantastic Sam’s is another popular haircut chain that offers affordable and quality haircuts in Los Angeles. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Fantastic Sam’s stylists take the time to listen to your preferences and provide personalized haircuts that suit your style.

They offer a wide range of services including haircuts, hair coloring, and styling, ensuring that you can get the look you desire. Fantastic Sam’s also has a loyalty program that allows you to earn points and receive discounts on future visits, making it even more affordable to get a great haircut.

When choosing a haircut chain, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a no-frills approach like Supercuts, a sports-themed experience like Sport Clips, or a personalized service like Fantastic Sam’s, these haircut chains offer affordable and quality options for everyone.

Barber Colleges

Looking for an affordable haircut in LA? Consider visiting one of the barber colleges in the area. These institutions provide training to aspiring barbers, and often offer services to the public at discounted rates.

Not only will you get a quality haircut, but you’ll also be supporting the next generation of barbers. Here are two popular barber colleges in LA:

Moler Barber College

Moler Barber College, located in downtown LA, has been training barbers for over 100 years. Their experienced instructors ensure that their students have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry.

At Moler, you can expect to receive a professional haircut at a fraction of the cost you would pay at a traditional barbershop. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping students gain practical experience.

American Barber Institute

The American Barber Institute is another great option for an affordable haircut in LA. With a focus on both traditional and modern techniques, their students are well-equipped to handle any haircut request.

The institute is committed to providing a high-quality experience for their clients while offering competitive prices. You can trust that you’ll leave with a stylish and well-executed haircut when you visit the American Barber Institute.

Both Moler Barber College and the American Barber Institute offer a range of services, including haircuts, shaves, and beard trims. It’s important to note that as these are training institutions, appointments may take longer than at a regular barbershop.

However, the extra time is well worth it considering the cost savings and the opportunity to support future barbers.

If you’re interested in getting an affordable, quality haircut in LA, consider visiting one of these barber colleges. Not only will you be able to save money, but you’ll also be contributing to the growth and development of the barbering industry.

Ethnic Salons

When it comes to finding affordable, quality haircuts in Los Angeles, ethnic salons are a great option. These salons are known for their expertise in catering to specific hair types and textures, ensuring that you receive a haircut that is tailored to your needs.

Here are some top ethnic salons in LA:

Q & A Hair Salon (Chinatown)

If you’re looking for a great haircut in Chinatown, Q & A Hair Salon is a fantastic choice. This salon specializes in Asian hair types and offers a wide range of services, from haircuts to coloring and styling.

The skilled stylists at Q & A Hair Salon are experienced in working with different hair textures and can create a look that perfectly suits your style. With affordable prices and a friendly atmosphere, this salon is a favorite among locals.

Paco’s Barber Shop (Hispanic)

For those in search of a quality haircut in a Hispanic neighborhood, Paco’s Barber Shop is the go-to spot. With skilled barbers who have years of experience, Paco’s Barber Shop is known for their attention to detail and ability to create classic and modern haircuts for men.

Whether you’re looking for a fade, a pompadour, or a simple trim, the barbers at Paco’s will leave you looking sharp and stylish. Plus, with affordable prices and a welcoming environment, you’ll feel right at home.

African Braids & Beauty Salon

If you have natural hair or are interested in getting braids, the African Braids & Beauty Salon is the place to go. This salon specializes in African hair types and offers a variety of services, including braiding, weaving, and hair extensions.

The skilled stylists at African Braids & Beauty Salon are known for their intricate braiding techniques and ability to create stunning hairstyles. With affordable prices and a warm and friendly atmosphere, this salon is a top choice for those in search of quality haircare.

When it comes to finding an affordable, quality haircut in LA, ethnic salons offer a unique and specialized experience. Whether you’re looking for a haircut tailored to your Asian, Hispanic, or African hair type, these salons have you covered.

Visit their websites to learn more about their services and book an appointment today!

Tips for Saving

Go on Weekdays

If you’re looking to get an affordable, quality haircut in LA, one of the best tips for saving is to schedule your appointment on a weekday. Many salons and barbershops offer discounted prices during off-peak hours, such as Monday through Thursday.

By booking your haircut during these times, you can take advantage of lower prices and potentially save a significant amount of money. Plus, you’ll likely have a more relaxed and personalized experience with fewer customers in the salon.

Ask for Junior Stylists

Another great way to save on your haircut in LA is to ask for a junior stylist. Junior stylists are often new to the industry but have received proper training and are supervised by experienced professionals. They typically offer their services at a lower price point compared to senior stylists.

Don’t be afraid to give them a chance – they may surprise you with their skills and creativity! Just remember to communicate your preferences clearly to ensure you get the haircut you desire.

Snag Coupons and Discounts

Keep an eye out for coupons and discounts offered by salons and barbershops in LA. Many establishments run promotions or have special offers for first-time customers, students, or specific age groups. You can find these deals on their websites, social media pages, or in local newspapers and magazines.

Signing up for their newsletters or following them on social media can also give you access to exclusive discounts. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can enjoy a quality haircut at a fraction of the regular price.

Get a Trim Instead of Full Style

If you’re looking to maintain your current hairstyle or just need a quick touch-up, consider getting a trim instead of a full style. Trims are generally more affordable than full styling sessions and can help you save money while keeping your hair looking neat and well-maintained.

Talk to your stylist or barber about your specific needs and ask them to focus on trimming the ends and shaping your hair without major changes. This way, you can get the refresh you need without breaking the bank.

Remember, getting an affordable, quality haircut in LA is possible with a little bit of planning and strategy. By following these tips and exploring different options, you can find a great hairstylist or barber who meets your needs without draining your wallet.


Finding an affordable haircut in a trendy city like LA is totally possible with some insider knowledge. Chain salons, barber colleges, ethnic shops, and simple styling are all great ways to cut costs.

Now that you know where to find deals on haircuts across Los Angeles, you can keep your style fresh while sticking to your budget. With a bit of planning and research, it’s easy to find salons that offer quality cuts at prices you can afford!

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