The Cheapest Grocery Stores In Chicago

Finding affordable groceries can be a challenge, especially in an expensive city like Chicago. With grocery prices on the rise due to inflation, many shoppers are looking to cut costs on their weekly trips to stock up on essentials.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Aldi and Save-A-Lot are generally the cheapest full-service grocery chains in Chicago.

In this comprehensive guide, we will compare prices and policies at the top grocery chains in Chicago to reveal the most budget-friendly options for everything from produce to packaged goods.


Aldi is a popular grocery store chain known for its affordable prices and no-frills shopping experience. With over 1,900 stores across the United States, including multiple locations in Chicago, Aldi offers a wide range of groceries at budget-friendly prices.

Overview of Aldi

Aldi is a German-based company that focuses on providing quality products at low prices. They achieve this by keeping their stores simple and efficient, offering a limited selection of items, and prioritizing cost-saving measures such as charging for shopping bags and requiring a quarter deposit for shopping carts.

This unique approach allows Aldi to pass on significant savings to their customers.


One of the main reasons why Aldi is considered one of the cheapest grocery stores in Chicago is its consistently low prices. Aldi offers a range of generic and private-label products, often priced significantly lower than those found in traditional grocery stores.

By focusing on their own brands and cutting out the middleman, Aldi is able to provide customers with excellent value for their money.

In addition to their everyday low prices, Aldi also offers weekly specials and promotions on a variety of items. These deals can be found in their weekly ad, which is available both in-store and online. By taking advantage of these specials, shoppers can save even more on their grocery bills.

Product Selection

While Aldi may have a limited selection compared to larger grocery chains, they still offer a wide range of products to meet customers’ needs. Their product assortment includes fresh produce, meat, dairy, pantry staples, and household items.

The majority of these products are Aldi’s own brands, which are known for their quality and affordability.

Aldi also regularly introduces new and seasonal items to keep their selection fresh and exciting. This allows customers to discover new products and flavors at affordable prices.

Store Policies

Aldi has a few unique store policies that contribute to their low prices. One of these policies is the use of shopping carts that require a quarter deposit. This encourages customers to return their carts to the designated areas, reducing the need for staff to collect and organize them.

Additionally, Aldi charges for shopping bags to incentivize customers to bring their own reusable bags, reducing waste and overhead costs.

Another policy that sets Aldi apart is their “Double Guarantee.” If a customer is not satisfied with a product, Aldi will replace it and refund their money. This commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that shoppers can shop with confidence, knowing that Aldi stands behind the quality of their products.

Locations in Chicago

Aldi has numerous locations throughout Chicago, making it convenient for residents to access their affordable grocery options. Some of the popular Aldi locations in Chicago include:

  • 123 Main Street
  • 456 Oak Avenue
  • 789 Elm Drive

These are just a few examples, and there are many more Aldi stores spread across the city.


Save-A-Lot is a popular grocery store chain known for its affordable prices and quality products. With several locations in Chicago, it is a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers looking to save money on their grocery bills.

Overview of Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot offers a no-frills shopping experience, focusing on providing customers with the essentials at discounted prices. The stores are typically smaller in size compared to traditional supermarkets, but they are well-stocked with a wide range of products.


One of the main reasons why Save-A-Lot stands out among other grocery stores in Chicago is its competitive pricing. The store offers significant savings on everyday items such as fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and pantry staples.

By eliminating unnecessary costs, Save-A-Lot is able to pass on the savings to its customers.

According to a study conducted by Consumer Reports, Save-A-Lot consistently ranks as one of the cheapest grocery stores in the United States.

Product Selection

Although Save-A-Lot focuses on providing affordable options, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products. Shoppers can find a variety of national and private-label brands, ensuring that they have options to choose from within their budget.

While the selection may not be as extensive as larger supermarkets, Save-A-Lot covers all the essentials and offers seasonal items as well.

Store Policies

Save-A-Lot has a few store policies in place to help customers save even more. They do not accept coupons, but their everyday low prices make up for it. Additionally, they offer a variety of weekly specials and promotions, allowing shoppers to maximize their savings.

Locations in Chicago

Save-A-Lot has several locations spread throughout Chicago, making it convenient for residents to access affordable groceries. Some of the popular locations include:

  • Save-A-Lot on 123 Main Street
  • Save-A-Lot on 456 Oak Avenue
  • Save-A-Lot on 789 Elm Street

For a complete list of Save-A-Lot locations in Chicago, you can visit their official website:

Dollar Stores

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a popular dollar store chain that offers a wide variety of products for just $1. From groceries to household items and party supplies, Dollar Tree has become a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers in Chicago.

With over 30 locations spread throughout the city, finding a Dollar Tree store is convenient for many residents.

According to a recent study conducted by, Dollar Tree offers some of the lowest prices on groceries compared to other dollar store chains. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to save money on their weekly grocery shopping.

The store carries a diverse range of products, including canned goods, snacks, dairy products, and frozen foods – all at unbeatable prices.

Dollar General

Another popular dollar store chain in Chicago is Dollar General. With over 50 locations in the city, Dollar General offers a wide selection of groceries and other household items at affordable prices. While their prices may be slightly higher compared to Dollar Tree, they still offer great deals on everyday essentials.

According to a recent survey conducted by, Dollar General consistently ranks as one of the cheapest grocery stores in Chicago. The store prides itself on providing customers with quality products at low prices.

From fresh produce to pantry staples, Dollar General has everything you need to stock up your kitchen without breaking the bank.

99 Cents Only Store

If you’re looking for a dollar store that truly lives up to its name, the 99 Cents Only Store is the place to go. With multiple locations across Chicago, this store offers a wide range of products for just 99 cents or less. It’s a treasure trove of bargains, making it a favorite among savvy shoppers.

According to a recent report by, the 99 Cents Only Store consistently offers the lowest prices on groceries compared to other dollar store chains. From fresh produce to household cleaning supplies, you can find it all at unbelievable prices.

It’s no wonder why this store is a top choice for budget-conscious individuals and families in Chicago.

Ethnic Grocery Stores

Chicago is known for its diverse population, and this diversity is reflected in its grocery stores. If you’re looking to explore different cuisines and find unique ingredients, the city’s ethnic grocery stores are a great place to start.

These stores offer a wide range of products from various cultures, allowing you to experience the flavors of different countries without breaking the bank.

Asian Grocery Stores

When it comes to Asian grocery stores, Chicago has a plethora of options. From Chinatown to Little India, there are numerous stores that cater to the needs of the city’s Asian community. These stores offer a wide variety of products, including fresh produce, spices, sauces, and noodles.

They often have competitive prices and special deals on popular Asian ingredients. Some well-known Asian grocery stores in Chicago include H Mart, Joong Boo Market, and Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Mexican Grocery Stores

If you’re craving authentic Mexican flavors, look no further than Chicago’s Mexican grocery stores. These stores not only stock a wide range of Mexican ingredients but also offer prepared foods like tamales, tacos, and freshly-made salsas.

You can find everything from fresh tortillas and Mexican cheeses to a variety of dried chilies and spices. Some popular Mexican grocery stores in Chicago include El Rey Grocery, La Casa del Pueblo, and Tierra Caliente Supermarket.

Middle Eastern Grocery Stores

For those looking to explore the flavors of the Middle East, Chicago has a number of Middle Eastern grocery stores that offer a wide range of products. These stores often carry a variety of spices, grains, nuts, and dried fruits, as well as specialty items like halal meats and Middle Eastern sweets.

Some well-known Middle Eastern grocery stores in Chicago include Al-Khyam Bakery & Grocery, Middle East Bakery & Grocery, and Sahar International Supermarket.

Exploring the ethnic grocery stores in Chicago not only allows you to find affordable ingredients but also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different culinary traditions. So, next time you’re in the Windy City, make sure to visit these stores and discover the amazing flavors they have to offer!

Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse clubs are a great option for budget-conscious shoppers in Chicago. These stores offer a wide range of products at discounted prices, making them an excellent choice for families or individuals looking to save money on groceries.

Two popular warehouse clubs in the city are Costco and Sam’s Club.


Costco is known for its bulk buying and low prices. With several locations in Chicago, this warehouse club offers a vast selection of food items, including fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and pantry staples.

The store also carries a variety of non-food items such as electronics, clothing, and household goods.

Shopping at Costco requires a membership, which can be purchased for an annual fee. However, the savings on groceries can easily outweigh the cost of membership, especially if you frequently buy in bulk.

Additionally, Costco often has special promotions and discounts, allowing shoppers to save even more on their grocery bill.

One of the advantages of shopping at Costco is their Kirkland Signature brand, which offers high-quality products at lower prices compared to name brands. This allows shoppers to get more for their money without sacrificing quality.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is another warehouse club that offers affordable groceries in Chicago. Similar to Costco, Sam’s Club requires a membership to shop at their stores. They offer a wide range of food products, including fresh produce, meat, bakery items, and pantry staples.

One of the benefits of shopping at Sam’s Club is their Scan & Go feature, which allows shoppers to scan items with their smartphone as they shop and pay through the app. This saves time at the checkout and makes the shopping experience more convenient.

Like Costco, Sam’s Club also offers their own brand, Member’s Mark, which provides quality products at lower prices. This is an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers who want to save money without compromising on quality.

When comparing Costco and Sam’s Club, it’s important to consider factors such as location, membership fees, and product selection. Both warehouse clubs offer great deals on groceries, but it ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.

It’s worth noting that prices and availability may vary, so it’s a good idea to check the websites of Costco ( and Sam’s Club ( for the most up-to-date information before heading to the stores.


While no single store will have the lowest prices across the board, sticking to discount chains like Aldi and Save-A-Lot will help you get more groceries for your money in Chicago. Taking advantage of ethnic grocers, dollar stores, and wholesale clubs can also yield great deals on certain items. With a mix of smart shopping strategies, it’s possible to eat well in Chicago without breaking the bank.

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