Baseball fans looking to watch the Chicago Cubs on Xfinity often wonder what channel the games are on and what packages they need. With the Cubs being broadcast on multiple regional sports networks, it can get confusing figuring out how to watch every game.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The main channels that carry Chicago Cubs games on Xfinity are Marquee Sports Network, NBC Sports Chicago, WGN 9, ESPN, FS1, and MLB Network. To get all these channels, you’ll likely need Xfinity’s Choice package or above plus the Sports & Entertainment add-on.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding Chicago Cubs games on Xfinity, including: what channels they air on, which Xfinity channel packages include those channels, options for streaming the games online, and tips for catching all the Cubs action this season.

What Channels Show Chicago Cubs Games?

As a passionate Chicago Cubs fan, you may be wondering where you can catch all the action of their games on Xfinity. Fortunately, there are several channels available that broadcast Chicago Cubs games regularly.

Marquee Sports Network

The Marquee Sports Network is the official broadcast home of the Chicago Cubs. Launched in February 2020, it is a regional sports network dedicated exclusively to Cubs coverage. The network features live game broadcasts, pre-game and post-game shows, original programming, and more.

To find the Marquee Sports Network on Xfinity, check your local channel lineup or use the Xfinity channel guide.

NBC Sports Chicago

NBC Sports Chicago also broadcasts Chicago Cubs games throughout the season. As a regional sports network, it covers a wide range of sports teams in the Chicago area, including the Cubs. NBC Sports Chicago offers in-depth analysis, interviews, and game coverage.

To find NBC Sports Chicago on Xfinity, consult your channel guide or Xfinity’s online listings.


WGN 9, a local Chicago television station, has a long-standing tradition of broadcasting Chicago Cubs games. While their coverage may not be as extensive as the Marquee Sports Network or NBC Sports Chicago, WGN 9 still provides access to select Cubs games throughout the season.

Check your Xfinity channel lineup or the WGN 9 website for specific game broadcasts.

National Broadcasts: ESPN, FS1, MLB Network

In addition to the regional channels mentioned above, some Chicago Cubs games are also nationally televised on networks such as ESPN, FS1, and MLB Network. These networks provide coverage of various MLB games, including select Cubs matchups.

You can find the schedule for national broadcasts on the respective network websites or by checking Xfinity’s online listings.

It’s important to note that channel availability may vary based on your location and Xfinity package. To ensure you have access to all the Chicago Cubs games, consider subscribing to a package that includes the necessary channels.

For the most up-to-date information on channel availability and game schedules, it’s always a good idea to consult Xfinity’s official website or contact their customer service. Stay tuned to catch every thrilling moment of the Chicago Cubs’ games and cheer for your favorite team!

Which Xfinity Packages Include Cubs Channels?

If you’re a Chicago Cubs fan and an Xfinity subscriber, you’re probably wondering which Xfinity packages include the Cubs channels. Fortunately, Xfinity offers a range of packages and add-ons that cater to sports enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the options:

Choice Package and Above

The good news is that the Cubs channels are included in Xfinity’s Choice package and above. This means that if you have the Choice package or any higher-tier package, you’ll be able to catch all the Cubs games without any additional add-ons or fees.

With these packages, you’ll have access to channels like NBC Sports Chicago and ESPN, which regularly broadcast Cubs games.

Sports & Entertainment Add-on

If you have a lower-tier Xfinity package but still want access to Cubs channels, you can consider adding the Sports & Entertainment add-on to your subscription. This add-on includes additional sports channels, including those that broadcast Cubs games.

Adding this add-on to your current package will allow you to enjoy all the Cubs action from the comfort of your own home.

Streaming Options

For those who prefer to stream Cubs games on their preferred devices, Xfinity also offers streaming options. Xfinity customers can use the Xfinity Stream app to access live Cubs games on their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

This app allows you to enjoy the games wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

It’s worth noting that some streaming options may require additional fees or subscriptions. However, Xfinity provides detailed information on their website about the costs associated with each streaming option, making it easy for you to choose the one that suits your needs best.

So, whether you have the Choice package, opt for the Sports & Entertainment add-on, or prefer to stream Cubs games using the Xfinity Stream app, there are various options available to ensure you never miss a moment of the action.

Get ready to cheer on the Chicago Cubs as they hit home runs and strive for victory!

Tips for Watching Every Cubs Game on Xfinity

As a Chicago Cubs fan, you don’t want to miss a single game. With Xfinity, you have multiple options to ensure you catch every pitch, hit, and home run. Here are some tips to help you watch every Cubs game on Xfinity:

1. Confirm Your Channel Lineup

Before the Cubs’ season begins, it’s important to confirm the channel lineup on your Xfinity package. Xfinity offers various packages, each with different channel lineups. To make sure you have access to the Cubs games, check which channels broadcast the games in your area.

You can find this information on the Xfinity website or by calling customer support.

2. Use Xfinity Stream App

The Xfinity Stream app is a convenient way to watch Cubs games on your mobile devices or streaming devices. With the app, you can stream live TV, including Cubs games, wherever you are. Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet and log in with your Xfinity account.

Now, you won’t have to worry about missing a game while on the go.

3. Add MLB.TV for Out-of-Market Games

If you live outside of the Chicago area but still want to catch every Cubs game, consider adding MLB.TV to your Xfinity package. MLB.TV allows you to stream out-of-market games, including all Cubs games, live or on-demand. With this addition, you can cheer on the Cubs no matter where you are located.

Just visit the MLB.TV website and sign up for their service.

4. Consider Upgrading for More Channels

If you find that your current Xfinity package doesn’t include all the channels that broadcast Cubs games, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher-tier package. Xfinity offers different packages with varying channel lineups, so upgrading to a higher tier can give you access to additional sports channels that broadcast Cubs games.

Contact Xfinity customer support to explore your upgrade options.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you never miss a Chicago Cubs game while using Xfinity. Whether you watch on your TV, mobile devices, or through streaming services, you’ll always be in the front row cheering on your favorite team. Go Cubs!


As a Cubs fan with Xfinity, you have a few options to catch all the games this season through cable packages and streaming. While Marquee Sports Network limits access, getting a package with regional sports networks and national channels will allow you to watch the majority of matchups. Using Xfinity Stream provides flexibility if you can’t watch on TV. With a full understanding of which packages include the necessary Cubs channels, you’ll be all set to enjoy another season of Cubs baseball.

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