Easy Colleges To Get Into In New York

Getting admitted to college can be extremely competitive, but New York offers many great options for students looking for schools with higher acceptance rates. If an Ivy League education seems out of reach, don’t worry – there are still plenty of colleges and universities in New York where admission is very attainable.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Some of the easiest colleges to get into in New York include SUNY colleges like SUNY Purchase, Farmingdale State College, and SUNY Albany. Other options are private schools like St. John’s University, Hofstra University, Pace University, and Adelphi University.

About College Admissions in New York

When it comes to college admissions, New York offers a wide range of options for students. From prestigious Ivy League institutions to smaller, more accessible colleges, there is a college for everyone in the Empire State.

However, it is important to note that not all colleges in New York have the same level of competitiveness when it comes to admissions.

Overview of Competitiveness

New York is home to some of the most competitive colleges in the country. Universities like Columbia, NYU, and Cornell are known for their rigorous admissions processes and high selectivity. These institutions often receive a large number of applications from highly qualified students, making it difficult to secure a spot.

On the other hand, there are a number of colleges in New York that are considered “easier” to get into. These colleges may have less stringent admissions requirements and a higher acceptance rate compared to their more prestigious counterparts.

This does not mean that these colleges are of lower quality; rather, they may offer different programs or have a specific focus that attracts a different pool of applicants.

How to Get into an Easy NY College

If you’re looking to get into an “easy” college in New York, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to research the specific admissions requirements of each college you’re interested in.

Some colleges may prioritize SAT or ACT scores, while others may place more emphasis on extracurricular activities or essays.

It’s also worth noting that some colleges in New York have a higher acceptance rate for in-state students compared to out-of-state students. This means that if you are a resident of New York, you may have a better chance of getting into certain colleges.

Another strategy to increase your chances of getting into an easy college in New York is to focus on colleges with rolling admissions. These colleges review applications as they come in, rather than waiting for a specific deadline.

This gives you a better chance of securing a spot, especially if you apply early.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to consider community colleges or smaller institutions in New York. These colleges often have more lenient admissions requirements and can provide a solid foundation for your academic journey.

Plus, they can be more affordable, allowing you to save money while still receiving a quality education.

Remember, the college admissions process is not just about getting into the “easiest” college. It’s about finding the right fit for your goals, interests, and academic needs. So, take the time to research different colleges, visit campuses, and speak with current students to make an informed decision.

SUNY Schools with High Acceptance Rates

When it comes to choosing a college, one of the factors that many students consider is the acceptance rate. Some students prefer to apply to colleges with higher acceptance rates, as they believe it increases their chances of getting admitted.

If you’re looking for easy colleges to get into in New York, the State University of New York (SUNY) system offers several schools with high acceptance rates. Here are a few to consider:

SUNY Purchase

SUNY Purchase is known for its strong arts programs, including dance, theater, and visual arts. With an acceptance rate of over 70%, it is considered one of the easier SUNY schools to get into. The campus is located just outside of New York City, providing students with easy access to the vibrant arts and culture scene of the city.

Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College is a public college located on Long Island. It offers a wide range of programs in areas such as business, engineering technology, and nursing. With an acceptance rate of over 70%, it is a great option for students looking for an easy college to get into in New York.

SUNY Fredonia

SUNY Fredonia is a small liberal arts college located in western New York. It offers a variety of programs in areas such as music, education, and communication. With an acceptance rate of around 80%, it is a popular choice for students looking for a small, close-knit campus environment.

SUNY Albany

SUNY Albany is one of the larger schools in the SUNY system, offering a wide range of programs in areas such as business, criminal justice, and psychology. With an acceptance rate of over 50%, it is considered a moderately easy college to get into in New York.

The campus is located in the state capital, providing students with unique opportunities for internships and networking.

SUNY Brockport

SUNY Brockport is a public liberal arts college located near Rochester, New York. It offers a variety of programs in areas such as education, health sciences, and business. With an acceptance rate of around 60%, it is a good option for students looking for an easy college to get into in New York.

SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Oneonta is a small liberal arts college located in upstate New York. It offers programs in areas such as biology, psychology, and business. With an acceptance rate of around 50%, it is considered one of the easier SUNY schools to get into.

The college is known for its strong sense of community and beautiful campus.

It is important to note that while these colleges have higher acceptance rates compared to some other schools, they still maintain academic standards and offer quality education. Each of these schools has its own unique strengths and opportunities for students.

It’s always a good idea to research and visit these colleges to determine if they are the right fit for you.

Other Easy Colleges in New York

St. John’s University

St. John’s University is one of the easy colleges to get into in New York. Located in Queens, it offers a variety of academic programs and has a welcoming environment for students. With a competitive acceptance rate, St. John’s University provides opportunities for students to pursue their educational goals.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University is another option for those looking for an easy college to get into in New York. Located on Long Island, Hofstra offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. With a diverse student body and a strong emphasis on experiential learning, Hofstra provides a supportive and inclusive environment for students.

Pace University

Pace University is known for its accessibility and flexibility. With campuses in New York City and Westchester, Pace offers a wide range of academic programs and a supportive community. The university welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and provides resources to help them succeed academically and professionally.

Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a private institution located in Garden City, New York. With a focus on personalized education, Adelphi offers small class sizes and individual attention from professors. The university has a strong commitment to student success and provides a supportive environment for students to thrive.

Dowling College

Although Dowling College closed its doors in 2016, it was known for being an easy college to get into in New York. Located on Long Island, Dowling offered a range of academic programs and a supportive community. While Dowling is no longer operational, its legacy as an accessible institution remains.

CUNY Schools

The City University of New York (CUNY) system consists of multiple colleges and institutions throughout New York City. CUNY schools are known for their affordability and accessibility. With a wide range of academic programs and flexible scheduling options, CUNY schools provide opportunities for students of all backgrounds to pursue higher education.

For more information on these colleges, please visit their official websites:

Choosing the Right College for You

When it comes to choosing the right college, there are several factors to consider. It’s important to think about academics, campus culture, location, and cost. By evaluating these aspects, you can find a college that aligns with your goals and preferences.

Consider academics, campus culture, location, cost

Academics should be a top priority when selecting a college. Look for a school that offers the programs and majors you are interested in. Research the faculty and their expertise to ensure that you will receive a high-quality education. Additionally, consider the campus culture.

Are you looking for a large university with a bustling community, or do you prefer a smaller, more intimate setting? Think about what kind of environment will help you thrive.

The location of the college is another important factor to consider. Do you prefer an urban setting with access to a vibrant city, or do you prefer a more rural campus? Think about what kind of surroundings will make you feel comfortable and happy during your college years.

Finally, cost is a crucial consideration. While it’s natural to want to attend a prestigious institution, it’s important to be realistic about your financial situation. Look for colleges that offer scholarships or financial aid options to make your education more affordable.

Don’t focus only on acceptance rate – make sure it’s a good fit

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a college’s acceptance rate. However, it’s important to remember that acceptance rate doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of education or the fit for you as a student.

Instead of solely focusing on acceptance rates, dig deeper into what the college has to offer. Look at the programs, opportunities for extracurricular activities, and the success of their alumni. Consider what you want to achieve during your college years and find a college that will support your goals and ambitions.

Remember, finding the right fit is crucial for your overall college experience and future success. Don’t just settle for a college because it’s easy to get into. Take the time to research and find a college that aligns with your interests and values.

Take time to visit campuses if possible before applying

If possible, visiting college campuses can provide valuable insights into the institution and help you make an informed decision. Take a tour, meet with faculty members, and talk to current students to get a sense of the campus atmosphere.

Visiting campuses allows you to visualize yourself as a student and determine if it feels like the right place for you. While virtual tours can be helpful, nothing beats the firsthand experience of walking through the campus and getting a feel for the environment.

So, if you have the opportunity, make sure to visit the campuses before making your final decision.

Tips for Getting Accepted

Maintain a strong GPA

One of the most important factors that colleges consider when reviewing applications is the applicant’s GPA. Maintaining a strong GPA throughout high school shows colleges that you are dedicated to your studies and have the ability to succeed academically.

It is important to take challenging courses and strive for good grades in order to stand out among other applicants.

Submit test scores if required

Many colleges require standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT, as part of the application process. It is important to research the specific requirements of each college you are applying to and make sure to submit your scores by the deadline.

If you are not satisfied with your scores, consider retaking the test or focusing on other aspects of your application that can help offset lower scores.

Highlight extracurriculars and leadership

Colleges are not only interested in academic achievements, but also in the applicant’s involvement in extracurricular activities and leadership roles. Make sure to list all of your extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports teams, volunteer work, or part-time jobs.

Highlight any leadership positions you have held, as this shows colleges that you are a well-rounded individual capable of taking on responsibilities.

Write compelling application essays

The application essay is your opportunity to showcase your personality, strengths, and experiences. Take the time to brainstorm ideas, write multiple drafts, and seek feedback from teachers or mentors.

A compelling essay that is well-written and authentic can make a significant impact on the admissions committee and increase your chances of acceptance.

Apply early action if available

Some colleges offer early action or early decision options, which allow students to apply earlier than the regular deadline. Applying early can demonstrate your strong interest in the college and may increase your chances of acceptance.

However, be sure to carefully research the deadlines and requirements for early action applications, as they may differ from regular applications.


While Ivy League and other top-tier colleges garner much of the attention, New York has many excellent and accessible public and private schools to choose from. Focus on finding a college that is the right fit academically, financially and socially – don’t fixate too much on prestige or selectivity. With reasonable grades and test scores, proactive research, and compelling application materials, many students can find their place at one of New York’s great, accessible institutions of higher learning.

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