Fallout New Vegas DLC Order: A Guide To The Best Playthrough Sequence

Fallout: New Vegas is renowned for its gripping storyline, vast open world, and immersive RPG gameplay. But its expansion content raises an important question – what’s the best order to play the DLCs? Here’s a quick answer: the recommended play order is Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Dead Money, then Lonesome Road.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide tips on the ideal sequence to experience the Fallout: New Vegas DLC packs.

You’ll find details on the storyline timeline, difficulty rankings, and how each DLC integrates with the base game. We’ll also give recommendations on the optimal character level to start each add-on. With these insights, you can get the most fulfilling and cohesive experience out of the Fallout: New Vegas expansions.

Storyline Order of the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs

Honest Hearts Background

The first DLC in the Fallout: New Vegas series is Honest Hearts. It takes players on a journey to the picturesque Zion National Park, where they find themselves caught in a conflict between two tribes, the Sorrows and the White Legs.

The DLC introduces new characters, weapons, and quests that expand upon the main game’s storyline.

Old World Blues Background

Next in the DLC sequence is Old World Blues, which transports players to the Big MT research facility. In this quirky and humorous DLC, players discover that their brain has been removed and must navigate this strange world to recover it.

Old World Blues offers a unique and entertaining storyline filled with memorable characters and challenging quests.

Dead Money Background

The third DLC in the sequence is Dead Money, a thrilling heist story set in the Sierra Madre Casino. Players find themselves trapped in a dangerous and treacherous environment, filled with deadly traps and hostile inhabitants.

Dead Money adds a sense of tension and suspense to the game, as players must work with a group of unlikely allies to survive and uncover the secrets of the casino.

Lonesome Road Background

The final DLC in the Fallout: New Vegas series is Lonesome Road. This DLC takes players on a journey through the treacherous Divide, where they encounter a mysterious figure known as the Courier’s Mile.

Lonesome Road offers a compelling and emotionally charged storyline that ties together many of the loose ends from the main game and previous DLCs.

While the order in which you play the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs is ultimately up to personal preference, following this suggested sequence can provide the most cohesive and enjoyable experience. Each DLC offers a unique and engaging storyline that expands upon the world of Fallout: New Vegas, providing players with hours of additional content to explore and enjoy.

Difficulty Rankings for the DLCs

When it comes to playing through the DLCs in Fallout New Vegas, it’s important to consider the difficulty level of each expansion. This can greatly impact your overall gaming experience and determine how challenging your playthrough will be.

Here is a breakdown of the DLCs ranked from easiest to hardest:

Easiest to Hardest

  • Honest Hearts: This DLC is considered the easiest in terms of difficulty. It takes place in Zion National Park and features a relatively straightforward storyline. The enemies you encounter here are not as tough as those in other DLCs, making it a good starting point for new players or those looking for a more relaxed gaming experience.
  • Old World Blues: The next DLC in terms of difficulty is Old World Blues. It is set in the Big MT research facility and offers a mix of quirky humor and challenging gameplay. While the enemies can be tough, the DLC provides you with ample resources and gear to help you overcome the challenges.
  • Dead Money: Considered one of the more challenging DLCs, Dead Money is set in the Sierra Madre Casino. It introduces new gameplay mechanics and traps that can catch players off guard. The enemies are formidable, and resources are limited, making it a test of strategy and resource management.
  • Lonesome Road: Lonesome Road is the final DLC in terms of difficulty. It takes place in the Divide and features tough enemies and intense combat scenarios. The choices you make in this DLC can have far-reaching consequences, so be prepared for a challenging and impactful experience.

Enemy Levels and Damage Output

Each DLC in Fallout New Vegas features enemies with varying levels of difficulty and damage output. It’s important to be aware of these factors as they can greatly impact your chances of survival. Here is a general overview:

DLC Enemy Levels Damage Output
Honest Hearts Low to Medium Low to Medium
Old World Blues Medium Medium to High
Dead Money Medium to High High
Lonesome Road High High to Very High

As you progress through the DLCs, you will encounter tougher enemies with higher damage output. It’s important to level up your character and acquire better gear to increase your chances of survival.

Supplies and Gear Provided

Each DLC in Fallout New Vegas offers different supplies and gear to help you navigate the challenges you will face. Here is a brief overview:

  • Honest Hearts: Provides you with basic gear and supplies to get you started.
  • Old World Blues: Offers unique weapons, armor, and other useful items to aid you in your journey.
  • Dead Money: Provides limited supplies and gear, emphasizing the need for careful resource management.
  • Lonesome Road: Offers powerful weapons and gear as rewards for completing challenging quests and encounters.

It’s important to note that while the DLCs provide supplies and gear, you should still come prepared with your own resources to ensure a smoother playthrough.

Understanding the difficulty rankings, enemy levels, and the supplies and gear provided in each DLC will help you plan your playthrough sequence in Fallout New Vegas. Remember to adapt your strategies and playstyle accordingly to make the most out of your gaming experience!

Recommended Level to Start Each DLC

Honest Hearts Recommendation

The Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout New Vegas is recommended for players who are around level 10 or higher. This DLC takes players to the wilds of Zion National Park, where they will encounter new characters, tribes, and challenges.

It is important to have a decent level of experience and equipment before venturing into this DLC, as the enemies can be quite tough.

Old World Blues Recommendation

For the Old World Blues DLC, it is recommended to have a character at least level 15 or higher. This DLC takes players to the Big MT, where they will engage with advanced technology and face off against some formidable foes.

Having a higher level character will give players a better chance of survival and success in this DLC.

Dead Money Recommendation

The Dead Money DLC is known for its challenging gameplay and high stakes. It is recommended to have a character at least level 20 or higher before attempting this DLC. In Dead Money, players will be trapped in the Sierra Madre Casino and must rely on their wits and skills to survive.

The enemies in this DLC are particularly tough, so having a higher level character and better equipment is crucial.

Lonesome Road Recommendation

The Lonesome Road DLC is the final piece of the Fallout New Vegas storyline, and it is recommended to have a character at least level 25 or higher before tackling it. In Lonesome Road, players will follow the path of Ulysses, a mysterious courier who has a connection to the protagonist.

This DLC is filled with tough enemies and challenging quests, so having a higher level character will give players a better chance of success.

How the DLCs Integrate with the Base Game

When it comes to playing Fallout New Vegas, the order in which you tackle the DLCs can greatly impact your gaming experience. The DLCs seamlessly integrate with the base game, offering new perks, gear, and travel connections that enhance the overall gameplay.

Understanding how these DLCs fit into the main storyline will help you make the most out of your playthrough. Let’s take a closer look at how the DLCs integrate with the base game.

New Perks

Each DLC in Fallout New Vegas introduces a unique set of perks that can greatly enhance your character’s abilities. These perks range from combat-related bonuses to improved speech options and increased carrying capacity.

For example, in the “Old World Blues” DLC, players can gain access to the “Spineless” perk, which reduces damage taken from behind. These new perks not only add depth to your character’s development but also provide you with additional strategic options when facing the challenges of the Mojave Wasteland.

New Gear

In addition to new perks, the DLCs also bring a plethora of new gear to the game. From powerful weapons to unique armor sets, these additions can greatly impact your playstyle and give you an edge in combat.

For instance, the “Lonesome Road” DLC introduces the “Red Glare,” a rocket launcher that deals devastating damage to enemies. Exploring the DLCs and obtaining these powerful items can make your character even more formidable as you venture through the unforgiving post-apocalyptic world.

Travel Connections

One of the most interesting aspects of the DLCs in Fallout New Vegas is how they expand the game world and provide new travel connections. Some DLCs, such as “Honest Hearts,” introduce entirely new areas to explore, complete with their own unique quests and storylines.

These new locations not only offer fresh gameplay experiences but also provide additional travel options between regions. By completing the DLCs, you’ll unlock new fast travel destinations and gain access to shortcuts that can make traversing the Mojave Wasteland a breeze.

By understanding how the DLCs integrate with the base game, you can plan your playthrough sequence in a way that maximizes your enjoyment and immersion.

Whether you prioritize new perks, powerful gear, or expanded travel options, exploring the DLCs in the right order will enhance your Fallout New Vegas experience and keep you engaged for hours on end.

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Playthrough Order Summary

When it comes to playing the DLCs for Fallout New Vegas, it’s important to find the right playthrough sequence to enhance your gaming experience. This guide will provide you with a summary of the recommended order to tackle the DLCs, taking into consideration the storyline, difficulty, and character level recommendations.

Storyline Order

The storyline order is a crucial factor when determining the playthrough sequence for the Fallout New Vegas DLCs. It’s recommended to follow the chronological order of the events in the game to maintain the continuity and coherence of the story.

The DLCs are interconnected and have references to each other, so playing them in the right order will provide a seamless narrative experience.

  • Dead Money: This DLC introduces you to a mysterious casino in the Mojave Wasteland and involves a high-stakes heist. It’s best played early on in the game, suggested for characters around level 10.
  • Honest Hearts: This DLC takes you to the Zion National Park and explores the conflict between different tribal factions. It’s recommended to play after completing the main game and Dead Money, with a character level of around 15.
  • Old World Blues: In this DLC, you’ll venture into the Big MT research facility and unravel the secrets of the pre-war technology. It’s recommended to play after Honest Hearts, with a character level of around 20.
  • Lonesome Road: The final DLC brings you face to face with the enigmatic Ulysses and allows you to make choices that will impact the Mojave Wasteland. It’s suggested to play this DLC last, after completing all the other DLCs and reaching a character level of around 25.

Difficulty Considerations

Each DLC in Fallout New Vegas offers a different level of difficulty. It’s important to consider your character’s level, gear, and abilities before diving into the DLCs. Some DLCs may be more challenging than others, so it’s wise to prepare accordingly to avoid frustration and ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

Before starting the DLCs, make sure your character is adequately leveled and equipped. It’s recommended to have a character level of at least 20 before attempting any of the DLCs. Additionally, having powerful weapons, armor, and a good supply of ammunition will make your journey through the DLCs smoother.

Character Level Recommendations

DLC Recommended Character Level
Dead Money Around 10
Honest Hearts Around 15
Old World Blues Around 20
Lonesome Road Around 25

These character level recommendations are based on the average difficulty of each DLC and will ensure that you have a challenging yet manageable experience. However, feel free to adjust the levels according to your personal preferences and playstyle.

By following the suggested playthrough order, considering the difficulty, and adhering to the character level recommendations, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the world of Fallout New Vegas and make the most out of your DLC experience!


Fallout: New Vegas offers some of the most compelling expansion content in modern RPGs. By understanding the ideal DLC order, you can get the full scope of the storyline, experience the difficulty curve appropriately, and integrate new perks and gear in the most impactful way.

Following our guide to play Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Dead Money, and finally Lonesome Road will lead you through an epic and interconnecting adventure. Enjoy the thrilling journey through the Mohave’s greatest untold tales!

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