Fallout New Vegas Keyboard Commands: The Complete List

Gaming on the PC offers players a wide array of controls and shortcuts to enhance their experience. For fans of Fallout New Vegas, keyboard commands can help you navigate the Mojave Wasteland with greater speed and efficiency. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the basics or a seasoned Courier wanting to maximize your key bindings, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to master keyboard controls in Fallout New Vegas.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The most useful Fallout New Vegas keyboard commands include pressing Tab to bring up the Pip-Boy, ‘E’ to interact with objects and characters, WASD keys for movement, Spacebar to jump, Left Shift to sprint, and number keys 1-8 to quick switch weapons and items.

Basic Movement and Camera Controls

WASD for Movement

One of the most basic controls in Fallout New Vegas is using the WASD keys for movement. This allows players to move their character forward (W), backward (S), and sideways (A and D). It provides a smooth and intuitive way to navigate through the game world.

Mouse for Looking Around

The mouse is an essential tool for looking around in Fallout New Vegas. By moving the mouse, players can change the camera angle and explore their surroundings. This allows for a more immersive experience and helps players to spot enemies, items, or points of interest.

Shift to Sprint

When you need to cover larger distances quickly, holding down the Shift key allows your character to sprint. This can be particularly useful when trying to escape from dangerous situations or when you simply want to get to your destination faster.

Spacebar to Jump

Just like in many other games, the spacebar is used for jumping in Fallout New Vegas. It enables players to navigate obstacles, reach higher platforms, or perform acrobatic moves. Jumping can also be used strategically during combat to avoid enemy attacks.

Ctrl to Crouch

Pressing the Ctrl key allows your character to crouch, making them less visible and harder to hit. This can be especially useful in stealth situations, where you want to remain undetected or get a better vantage point for a sneak attack.

Z to Zoom

The Z key is used for zooming in with your weapon’s scope. This can improve your accuracy when aiming at distant targets and is particularly effective when using long-range weapons such as sniper rifles.

Zooming in can also provide a better view of your surroundings, helping you to spot enemies or hidden items.

Mastering these basic movement and camera controls is essential for navigating the world of Fallout New Vegas effectively. They provide the foundation for exploring the game’s vast open world, engaging in combat, and completing various quests and missions.

Menu and Interface Shortcuts

When playing Fallout New Vegas on your keyboard, it’s essential to know the various commands and shortcuts that can enhance your gaming experience. This article will provide you with a complete list of keyboard commands to navigate through the game’s menu and interface effortlessly.

Tab for Pip-Boy

One of the most important shortcuts in Fallout New Vegas is the Tab key, which opens up your character’s Pip-Boy. The Pip-Boy is a wrist-mounted device that allows you to access your inventory, stats, quests, and more.

With just a press of Tab, you can quickly view and manage your character’s vital information.

E to Interact

Interacting with the game’s environment and characters is a crucial aspect of Fallout New Vegas. To interact with objects or initiate conversations, simply press the E key. This command allows you to pick up items, open doors, talk to NPCs, and engage with the world around you.

I for Inventory

Managing your inventory is a fundamental part of any role-playing game, and Fallout New Vegas is no exception. Pressing the I key will open up your character’s inventory, where you can equip weapons, use items, and organize your belongings.

Keeping your inventory tidy and optimized can greatly impact your gameplay.

M for Map

Exploring the vast wasteland of Fallout New Vegas requires a good sense of direction. To access the game’s map, simply press the M key. The map provides valuable information about your location, nearby points of interest, and quest markers.

Use it wisely to navigate the treacherous desert and uncover hidden secrets.

P for Player Status

To keep track of your character’s overall status, press the P key. This command opens up the player status menu, where you can check your current health, radiation levels, and any active buffs or debuffs affecting your character.

Monitoring your player status is crucial for survival in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout New Vegas.

F1-F4 to Quicksave/Quickload

Quicksaving and quickloading are essential features for any gamer who wants to save their progress swiftly. In Fallout New Vegas, you can easily perform these actions by using the F1-F4 keys. Pressing F1 will quicksave your game, allowing you to resume from that point later.

Similarly, pressing F4 will quickload your last saved game. These shortcuts are handy for those nail-biting moments when you need to make critical decisions or face challenging encounters.

Mastering these keyboard commands and shortcuts will undoubtedly enhance your Fallout New Vegas gaming experience. So go ahead, dive into the wasteland, and conquer the challenges that await you!

Combat and Action Commands

When playing Fallout New Vegas, mastering the keyboard commands is essential for smooth gameplay and quick decision-making. In this section, we will explore the various combat and action commands that will help you navigate the wasteland with ease.

Mouse Buttons to Attack

The most basic combat command is using your mouse buttons to attack. The left mouse button is used for standard attacks, while the right mouse button is used for more powerful attacks, such as power attacks or aiming down the sights of your weapon.

Mastering the timing and precision of your mouse clicks can make all the difference in a tense firefight.

R to Reload

Running out of ammunition in the heat of battle can be disastrous. That’s why it’s important to remember the “R” key, which allows you to reload your weapon quickly. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your ammo count and reload whenever you have a moment of respite.

1-8 to Quick Switch Weapons/Items

Having a diverse arsenal of weapons and items is crucial in Fallout New Vegas. The game allows you to assign specific weapons or items to the number keys 1-8, allowing for quick and seamless switching during combat.

Whether you need to switch to a more powerful weapon or use a healing item in a pinch, mastering this command will give you a significant advantage.

V for VATS

The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or VATS for short, is a game-changing combat feature in Fallout New Vegas. By pressing the “V” key, you can activate VATS, which pauses the game and allows you to target specific body parts of your enemies.

This strategic command can give you a tactical advantage by crippling your opponents or landing critical hits.

C to Activate Cinematic Camera

The wasteland of Fallout New Vegas is full of breathtaking vistas and intense action sequences. To truly appreciate the game’s immersive atmosphere, press the “C” key to activate the cinematic camera. This command allows you to view the world from a more cinematic perspective, capturing those epic moments in all their glory.

Mastering the combat and action commands in Fallout New Vegas is essential for survival in the harsh wasteland. So, equip yourself with knowledge and practice these commands to become a true wasteland warrior.

Crafting and Building Shortcuts

R to Repair

One of the most useful keyboard commands in Fallout New Vegas is the “R” key, which allows players to repair their weapons and armor. With just a press of a button, players can easily repair their gear, ensuring that they are always ready for combat.

This shortcut saves time and resources, as players no longer have to manually go through their inventory to find items to repair their equipment.

C to Construct

When it comes to building in Fallout New Vegas, the “C” key is your best friend. This command allows players to construct various items and structures in the game, such as fortifications, furniture, and even entire settlements.

With just a simple press of the “C” key, players can unleash their creativity and build their own post-apocalyptic paradise.

Z to Zoom in Building Mode

Building intricate structures requires precision, and the “Z” key in Fallout New Vegas helps players achieve just that. By pressing “Z” while in building mode, players can zoom in and get a closer look at their creations.

This feature is especially useful when working on small details or when trying to align objects perfectly. It allows players to have complete control over their construction projects and ensures that every piece fits together seamlessly.

T to Toggle free/locked camera

For those who want to take their building skills to the next level, the “T” key in Fallout New Vegas is a game-changer. This command allows players to toggle between a free camera mode and a locked camera mode while in building mode.

The free camera mode provides unparalleled freedom of movement, allowing players to explore their creations from any angle. On the other hand, the locked camera mode provides stability and precision, making it easier to place objects with accuracy.

Numpad for Precise Rotation

When it comes to building in Fallout New Vegas, getting the right rotation for objects can be a challenge. However, the numpad on your keyboard can make this task a breeze. By using the numpad keys, players can rotate objects in precise increments, allowing for more control and accuracy in their building projects.

Whether you’re trying to place a table in the perfect position or aligning walls to create a sturdy structure, the numpad shortcuts will make your building experience much smoother.

Changing Key Bindings

One of the great features of Fallout New Vegas is the ability to customize your keyboard commands to suit your preferences. Whether you want to rebind certain actions to different keys or create a completely personalized setup, the game allows you to do it all.

In this section, we will explore how to change key bindings and make the game more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Accessing Controls Menu

To change key bindings in Fallout New Vegas, you need to access the Controls menu. This can be done by navigating to the main menu and selecting the Options tab. From there, click on the Controls option, and you will be presented with a list of available commands that can be customized.

Click Key to Rebind

Once you are in the Controls menu, you can easily rebind keys by simply clicking on the command you wish to change. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to press the desired key or combination of keys to assign to that action.

This intuitive interface makes it easy to customize your key bindings in just a few clicks.

Restore Defaults Option

If you ever want to revert back to the default key bindings, don’t worry, Fallout New Vegas has got you covered. In the Controls menu, you will find a “Restore Defaults” option. Clicking on this will reset all key bindings to their original settings, giving you a fresh start if you feel overwhelmed or simply want to go back to the basics.

Recommended Custom Setup

While the default key bindings may work for some players, others may find that a custom setup enhances their gameplay experience. One recommended custom setup is to assign frequently used actions to easily accessible keys.

For example, mapping the reload action to the R key or the use item action to the E key can save you precious milliseconds during intense gameplay moments.

It’s important to experiment with different key bindings and find what works best for you. Remember, everyone’s playstyle is unique, so don’t be afraid to get creative and tailor the controls to your liking. You may even find that your custom setup gives you a competitive edge in the wasteland!


With these Fallout New Vegas keyboard controls, you’ll be able to traverse the wasteland, manage your inventory, build settlements, and crush your enemies with greater speed and efficiency. While the default bindings cover the basics, taking time to customize your setup can really enhance your gameplay. Refer to this guide any time you need a refresher on a command. And most importantly, have fun out there in the Mojave wasteland!

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