How Far Is It From Michigan To New York? A Detailed Look At The Drive

If you need to make the drive from Michigan to New York, you may be wondering – just how far is it? The distance can vary a bit depending on exactly where you’re starting and ending, but the drive from Detroit, MI to New York City is approximately 700 miles if you take the most direct interstate highway route. Read on for a comprehensive overview of the various routes and drive times for road tripping between Michigan and New York.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll outline everything you need to know about driving from Michigan to New York. We’ll recommend the fastest and most scenic interstate routes, provide estimated drive times, discuss the best places to stop for food and rest, and offer tips for booking accommodations. Whether you’re road tripping for a vacation or need to drive between Michigan and New York regularly, this guide will help you plan the optimal route.

Route Options for Driving from Michigan to New York

I-80 Through Ohio and Pennsylvania

If you’re planning a road trip from Michigan to New York, one of the most popular routes is to take Interstate 80 through Ohio and Pennsylvania. This route offers a direct path and takes you through some scenic areas along the way.

Starting from Michigan, you’ll head east on I-80, passing through cities like Toledo, Cleveland, and Youngstown in Ohio. As you continue east, you’ll enter Pennsylvania and pass through cities like Erie and Scranton before eventually reaching New York.

One of the advantages of taking this route is that it allows you to experience the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains as you drive through Pennsylvania. You’ll also have the opportunity to stop at various rest areas and attractions along the way, such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland or the beautiful Presque Isle State Park in Erie.

I-90 Through Ontario, Canada

Another option for driving from Michigan to New York is to take Interstate 90 through Ontario, Canada. This route adds a unique twist to your road trip, as you’ll have the chance to cross the border and explore a different country along the way.

Starting in Michigan, you’ll head north and cross into Ontario at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel or the Ambassador Bridge.

As you continue east on I-90, you’ll pass through cities like London and Hamilton before re-entering the United States at Buffalo, New York. This route offers the opportunity to see some beautiful Canadian landscapes and experience a different culture.

Just make sure to have your passport or other necessary travel documents with you, as you’ll be crossing an international border.

Please note that if you choose this route, you’ll need to be aware of any current travel restrictions or requirements for crossing the border. It’s always a good idea to check the official websites of the U.S. Department of State and the Canadian government for the latest information.

I-75/I-90 Through Ohio

For those who prefer a more direct route, taking I-75 and I-90 through Ohio is another option. This route takes you through the heart of the state and offers a relatively straight path from Michigan to New York.

Starting in Michigan, you’ll head south on I-75, passing through cities like Toledo and Findlay.

Once you reach Dayton, you’ll transition onto I-70 for a short stretch before merging onto I-75 again. As you continue south, you’ll eventually reach Cincinnati and enter Ohio’s southwestern corner. From there, you’ll head east on I-275 and eventually merge onto I-71, which will take you to Columbus.

From Columbus, you’ll continue east on I-70, passing through cities like Zanesville and Cambridge. Eventually, you’ll reach the intersection with I-77, where you’ll head north and merge onto I-80. This will take you through cities like Akron and Youngstown before finally entering Pennsylvania and eventually reaching New York.

No matter which route you choose, a road trip from Michigan to New York offers the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, explore new cities, and create lasting memories. So pack your bags, plan your route, and get ready for an exciting adventure!

Drive Times and Recommended Stops

When planning a road trip from Michigan to New York, it’s important to consider the drive times and recommended stops along the way to make the journey more enjoyable and efficient. The distance between Michigan and New York can vary depending on the starting and ending points within each state, but on average, the drive is approximately 600 to 700 miles and takes around 10 to 12 hours to complete.

Drive Times

The exact drive time from Michigan to New York will depend on various factors such as the route chosen, traffic conditions, and the speed at which you travel. Taking the most direct route via Interstate 80, the estimated drive time is around 10 to 12 hours.

However, it’s important to note that this is just an estimate, and actual drive times may vary.

Recommended Stops

While the drive from Michigan to New York can be long, there are several recommended stops along the way to break up the journey and make it more enjoyable. Here are a few popular options:

  • Chicago, Illinois: If your journey starts in the southern part of Michigan, consider making a stop in the vibrant city of Chicago. Explore famous attractions such as Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Cleveland, Ohio: Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland offers a variety of attractions including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the West Side Market.
  • Niagara Falls, New York: A visit to the iconic Niagara Falls is a must if you’re driving from Michigan to New York. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the falls and take a boat tour to get up close and personal with the cascading water.

These are just a few examples of the many possible stops along the way. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can customize your road trip to include other cities, national parks, or scenic spots that catch your attention.

Remember to plan your stops in advance and make sure to allocate enough time for each one. This will allow you to not only stretch your legs and relax but also explore the unique attractions and experiences that each destination has to offer.

For more information on attractions, accommodations, and other travel tips, websites like Visit the USA and TripAdvisor can be valuable resources to help you plan a memorable road trip from Michigan to New York.

Tips for Booking Lodging Along the Way

When embarking on a long drive from Michigan to New York, it is essential to plan your journey carefully, including making arrangements for accommodations along the way. Here are some helpful tips for booking lodging along the route:

1. Research the Route

Before you start booking hotels, take the time to research the route you will be taking. Consider the distance between each major city or town, and identify potential stopping points for overnight stays. This will help you determine the number of nights you will need to book accommodations for.

2. Budget Considerations

When selecting lodging options, take your budget into account. Consider the average cost of hotels in the areas you plan to stop, and allocate your funds accordingly. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the time of year, so it’s a good idea to check for any special deals or discounts before making your reservation.

3. Check Online Reviews

Before finalizing your hotel bookings, read reviews from previous guests. Websites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp can provide valuable insights into the quality and service of various accommodations. Pay attention to comments about cleanliness, customer service, and overall experience.

4. Consider Amenities

Think about the amenities you’ll need during your stay. If you’re traveling with children, you may want to look for hotels with swimming pools or playgrounds. If you’re bringing a pet along, check for pet-friendly accommodations.

Additionally, consider if you’ll need Wi-Fi, parking, or other specific amenities.

5. Book in Advance

To ensure you secure the best options, it’s advisable to book your accommodations in advance. This is especially important if you’re traveling during peak seasons or holidays when availability can be limited. Booking ahead will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on enjoying your journey.

6. Have a Backup Plan

While it’s always a good idea to have your accommodations booked in advance, it’s also wise to have a backup plan in case of unexpected changes or delays. Keep a list of alternative hotels or motels along your route, so you have options if your original plans fall through.

By following these tips, you can ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey as you drive from Michigan to New York. Happy travels!


The drive from Michigan to New York covers around 700 miles taking at least 10 hours of nonstop driving time. While the quickest route sticks to the interstates, consider taking a scenic detour along the Great Lakes or Finger Lakes regions. Planning your stops for food, rest, and overnight lodging can make the road trip smooth and enjoyable. Use this guide to pick the best route and tips for driving between Michigan and New York.

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