How Long Does It Take To Drive To Orlando, Florida?

With its world-famous theme parks, sunshine-filled beaches, and vibrant entertainment scene, it’s no wonder Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S. For many families and fun-seekers across the country, road tripping down to this Central Florida hub is a quintessential vacation experience.

If you’re crunched for time, here’s a quick answer: Driving to Orlando, Florida from most major cities takes between 16 and 24 hours.

This comprehensive guide will provide expected drive times from popular locations, recommend optimal routes and stopping points, share road trip planning tips, and cover alternatives to driving to Orlando.

Drive Times to Orlando

New York City to Orlando: 1,095 miles, 16-18 hours

If you’re planning a road trip from the bustling streets of New York City to the magical world of Orlando, be prepared for a journey of approximately 1,095 miles. The drive typically takes around 16 to 18 hours, depending on traffic conditions and your preferred route.

It’s essential to plan for rest stops and meal breaks along the way to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. So, pack some snacks, put on your favorite road trip playlist, and get ready for an adventure!

Chicago to Orlando: 1,244 miles, 18-20 hours

For those coming from the Windy City, Chicago, the drive to Orlando spans approximately 1,244 miles. With an estimated travel time of 18 to 20 hours, it’s important to consider factors such as weather conditions and potential road closures.

To make the most of your journey, you might want to plan for scenic detours or explore interesting attractions along the way. Don’t forget to pack some road trip essentials, like a comfortable pillow and a good book, to keep yourself entertained during the long drive!

Houston to Orlando: 1,020 miles, 15-16 hours

If you’re starting your road trip from Houston, Texas, get ready for a drive of approximately 1,020 miles. The journey typically takes around 15 to 16 hours, depending on the chosen route and any unexpected delays.

It’s advisable to check for road closures or construction work before hitting the road to ensure a smooth and hassle-free drive. Remember to take breaks and stretch your legs to stay refreshed and alert throughout the journey!

Los Angeles to Orlando: 2,139 miles, 30-32 hours

Embarking on a cross-country adventure from Los Angeles to Orlando? Brace yourself for a drive spanning approximately 2,139 miles. The estimated travel time for this journey is around 30 to 32 hours, depending on the specific route and driving conditions.

As you traverse the diverse landscapes of the United States, consider breaking up the trip with overnight stays in different cities or towns to make the most of your road trip experience. Don’t forget to capture some memorable moments along the way!

Seattle to Orlando: 2,977 miles, 44-46 hours

For those traveling from Seattle, Washington, to Orlando, be prepared for an epic road trip covering approximately 2,977 miles. The drive typically takes around 44 to 46 hours, considering factors such as traffic, weather conditions, and rest stops.

It’s essential to plan your route carefully, ensuring access to fuel stations and accommodations along the way. Consider breaking up the journey with sightseeing stops or visiting friends and family in different states to add some excitement to your adventure!

Recommended Routes to Orlando

From NYC, take I-95 S to I-4 W

If you are starting your journey from New York City and heading to Orlando, one of the recommended routes is to take I-95 South and then switch to I-4 West. This route will take you through several states, including New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and finally Florida.

It is a popular choice for many travelers as it offers a relatively straightforward and scenic drive.

From Chicago, take I-65 S to I-75 S

For those traveling from Chicago to Orlando, a recommended route is to take I-65 South and then switch to I-75 South. This route will take you through several states, including Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Florida.

It is a well-traveled route with plenty of rest stops and amenities along the way.

From Houston, take I-10 E to I-75 S

If you are starting your journey from Houston and making your way to Orlando, a recommended route is to take I-10 East and then switch to I-75 South. This route will take you through several states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and finally Florida.

It offers a mix of scenic views and urban areas, making for an interesting drive.

From LA, take I-10 E to I-75 S

For those traveling from Los Angeles to Orlando, a recommended route is to take I-10 East and then switch to I-75 South. This route will take you through several states, including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and finally Florida.

It is a long journey but offers the opportunity to see a variety of landscapes along the way.

From Seattle, take I-90 E to I-10 E to I-75 S

If you are starting your journey from Seattle and heading to Orlando, a recommended route is to take I-90 East, then switch to I-10 East, and finally switch to I-75 South. This route will take you through several states, including Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Florida.

It is a lengthy drive but allows you to experience the beauty of the country’s diverse landscapes.

Key Stopping Points on the Way to Orlando

Driving to Orlando, Florida can be an exciting adventure, especially if you plan to explore some key stopping points along the way. Whether you’re coming from the north or the south, there are several cities and attractions that are worth a visit during your road trip.

Washington, D.C.

If you’re driving to Orlando from the north, a great place to stop is Washington, D.C. This vibrant city is known for its historical landmarks, such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.

Take some time to explore the museums and galleries, enjoy a scenic walk along the National Mall, or indulge in some delicious cuisine at one of the city’s many restaurants. Don’t forget to snap a selfie in front of the Capitol Building before hitting the road again!

Atlanta, GA

As you make your way further south, Atlanta, Georgia is another must-visit city along the route. Known as the “Gateway to the South,” Atlanta offers a mix of history, culture, and entertainment. Stop by the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to learn about the Civil Rights Movement, visit the Georgia Aquarium to marvel at the marine life, or catch a game at the world-famous Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

With its diverse attractions, Atlanta is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

New Orleans, LA

Continuing on your journey, a stop in New Orleans, Louisiana is highly recommended. This vibrant city is famous for its lively music scene, delectable cuisine, and unique culture. Explore the historic French Quarter, where you can enjoy live jazz music, sample mouthwatering Creole dishes, and indulge in a beignet or two.

Don’t forget to take a stroll along the picturesque streets of the Garden District or visit the iconic St. Louis Cathedral. New Orleans is a city like no other and will surely add an extra dose of excitement to your road trip.

Tampa, FL

As you approach the Sunshine State, make a pit stop in Tampa, Florida. This coastal city offers beautiful beaches, world-class theme parks, and a thriving arts and culture scene. Visit Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for thrilling rides and encounters with exotic animals, explore the historic Ybor City neighborhood, or catch a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game.

With its warm weather and laid-back vibe, Tampa is a great place to relax and recharge before reaching your final destination.

Jacksonville, FL

Lastly, before you arrive in Orlando, consider making a stop in Jacksonville, Florida. This vibrant city offers a mix of modern attractions and natural beauty. Visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens to admire its impressive collection, take a leisurely stroll along the Jacksonville Riverwalk, or explore the stunning beaches and marshlands nearby.

Jacksonville is a hidden gem that is often overlooked but definitely worth a visit during your road trip.

Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, take the time to explore these key stopping points on your way to Orlando and make your road trip an unforgettable adventure!

Orlando Road Trip Planning Tips

Schedule regular breaks

When embarking on a road trip to Orlando, it’s important to schedule regular breaks along the way. Driving for long stretches without taking breaks can lead to fatigue and decreased alertness on the road.

Plan your trip in such a way that you can stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs, use the restroom, and grab a quick snack. Not only will these breaks help you stay refreshed, but they can also provide an opportunity to explore interesting pit stops along the route.

Split driving duties if possible

If you’re traveling with a companion, consider splitting the driving duties. This can help prevent driver fatigue and allow both individuals to enjoy the journey. Switching drivers every few hours can help maintain focus and reduce the risk of accidents due to tiredness.

Plus, it can also make the trip more enjoyable as you can take turns enjoying the scenery and resting.

Bring audiobooks and road trip playlists

To make the drive more entertaining, bring along some audiobooks or create a road trip playlist. Audiobooks can transport you to a different world and keep you engaged during long stretches of road. Alternatively, curating a playlist with your favorite songs can add to the excitement and create a fun atmosphere in the car.

Don’t forget to include some sing-along classics to keep spirits high!

Pack snacks and drinks in a cooler

Instead of relying solely on highway rest stops for food and drinks, it’s a good idea to pack your own snacks and drinks in a cooler. This way, you can have easy access to refreshments whenever you need them, and you can save money by avoiding overpriced convenience store items.

Consider packing a variety of snacks like granola bars, fruits, and sandwiches to keep everyone satisfied throughout the journey.

Get the car tuned up before the trip

Prior to hitting the road, it’s crucial to get your car thoroughly checked and tuned up. This will ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition for the long drive to Orlando. Have a mechanic inspect the tires, brakes, engine, and other essential components to minimize the risk of any mechanical issues during the trip.

Additionally, make sure to check that all fluids are topped up and that you have a spare tire and necessary tools in case of emergencies.

Alternative Ways to Get to Orlando

While driving is a popular option for traveling to Orlando, there are also alternative methods of transportation that you can consider. These alternatives offer convenience, comfort, and sometimes even cost savings. Here are a few alternative ways to get to Orlando:

Fly into Orlando International Airport

One of the most convenient ways to get to Orlando is by flying into Orlando International Airport. With numerous domestic and international flights, the airport offers a wide range of options for travelers. It is located just a short drive away from the city center, making it easily accessible.

👍 Flying into Orlando International Airport allows you to save time and avoid the stress of a long drive. Plus, you can take advantage of the many amenities available at the airport, such as rental car services and shuttle buses to popular attractions.

Take a bus from major cities

If you prefer not to fly, taking a bus is another convenient option to get to Orlando. There are several bus companies that offer routes to Orlando from major cities across the United States. These buses are equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and onboard amenities to ensure a pleasant journey.

🚍 Taking a bus can be a cost-effective option, especially if you are traveling on a budget. It also allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery along the way without the stress of driving.

Travel by passenger train

For a unique and leisurely travel experience, consider taking a passenger train to Orlando. Amtrak, the national rail service, offers routes to Orlando from various cities in the United States. Traveling by train allows you to enjoy the picturesque views and relax in comfortable seating while someone else handles the driving.

💺 Traveling by train can be a great way to make your journey to Orlando part of the adventure. It offers a different perspective compared to flying or driving and can be a memorable experience.


For many families and theme park enthusiasts across the U.S., driving down to Orlando offers the chance for an epic and cost-effective road trip vacation. With most drives taking between 16-24 hours, planning your route, stops, and vehicle preparation are critical.

While flying can save substantial time, there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned American road trip adventure. Fill up the tank, stock up on snacks, and get ready to make magical memories on the open road to Orlando!

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