How Many Nfl Teams Are In New York?

With the NFL being the most popular professional sports league in the United States, New York is home to not one, but two historic NFL franchises. If you’re wondering how many NFL teams call New York home, here’s a quick answer: there are two NFL teams in New York – the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the history of professional football in New York. We’ll look at when and how both the Giants and Jets were established, the unique stadium arrangements between the two teams, their biggest rivals, most memorable seasons, star players, championship wins, and more.

The Origins of NFL Football in New York

New York has a rich history when it comes to professional football, with two iconic teams calling the state home: the New York Giants and the New York Jets. Let’s delve into the origins of NFL football in New York and explore the unique stories behind each team.

A Brief History of the New York Giants

The New York Giants, founded in 1925, are one of the oldest and most successful teams in NFL history. Initially established in New York City, the Giants played their home games at various venues, including the Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium.

The team’s early years were marked by legendary players such as Frank Gifford, Y.A. Tittle, and Lawrence Taylor, who helped propel the Giants to multiple championship victories.

In recent decades, the Giants have continued to be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. Their fierce rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys has produced some of the most memorable moments in football history.

From miraculous catches to thrilling Super Bowl victories, the Giants have cemented their place as one of the premier NFL teams in New York.

The New York Jets Come to Town

The New York Jets, formerly known as the New York Titans, joined the NFL in 1960 as one of the league’s original teams. The team initially struggled to find success, but everything changed in 1969 with the arrival of legendary quarterback Joe Namath.

Namath famously guaranteed a victory in Super Bowl III against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts, and he delivered on his promise, leading the Jets to an improbable championship win. This victory solidified the Jets’ place in NFL history and forever endeared Namath to football fans in New York.

In 1984, the Jets moved from the iconic Shea Stadium to their current home at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Since then, the team has had its ups and downs, but Jets fans remain loyal and passionate, hoping for another championship run in the future.

For more information on the history of the New York Giants, you can visit their official website here. To learn more about the New York Jets, you can visit their official website here.

The Giants and Jets Share MetLife Stadium

When it comes to NFL teams in New York, the most well-known are the Giants and the Jets. Both of these teams share the same home stadium, MetLife Stadium, located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This unique arrangement has its own interesting history and has provided some unique challenges and advantages for both teams.

The Old Giants Stadium

Before MetLife Stadium, the Giants and Jets used to play in separate stadiums. The Giants played their home games at the old Giants Stadium, which was located in East Rutherford. The stadium had a seating capacity of over 80,000 and was the home of the Giants from 1976 to 2009.

During this time, the Giants achieved great success, winning several Super Bowl championships.

Building the New MetLife Stadium

In 2010, the Giants and Jets moved into their new shared home, MetLife Stadium. The construction of this state-of-the-art stadium was a joint effort between both teams and the result is a modern facility that can accommodate over 82,000 fans.

The stadium features cutting-edge technology, comfortable seating, and top-notch amenities for fans.

Building a shared stadium was a cost-effective solution for both teams, as it allowed them to split the expenses associated with construction and maintenance. Additionally, having a shared stadium helps to create a sense of unity among football fans in the New York metropolitan area, as they can come together to support both teams in one location.

Home Field Advantages for Both Teams

Sharing a stadium has its advantages and disadvantages for both the Giants and the Jets. One advantage is that the teams are able to share the costs and responsibilities of operating the stadium, which can help to alleviate financial burdens.

Additionally, the stadium itself is a neutral playing field for both teams, meaning that neither team has a true home-field advantage when playing against each other.

On the other hand, sharing a stadium means that both teams have to adapt to a shared schedule and deal with potential conflicts when it comes to game times and practice schedules. It also means that the stadium must be transformed to match the branding and colors of whichever team is playing, which can be a logistical challenge.

Big Blue Versus Gang Green: An Intense Rivalry

The rivalry between the New York Giants and the New York Jets, often referred to as “Big Blue” and “Gang Green” respectively, is one of the most intense in the National Football League (NFL). These two teams, despite sharing the same home state, have a longstanding competitive relationship that extends beyond the football field.

Geographic, Economic, and Cultural Differences

The Giants and the Jets not only represent different football teams, but also different parts of the state of New York. The Giants, founded in 1925, are based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and play their home games at MetLife Stadium.

On the other hand, the Jets, founded in 1959, are located in Florham Park, New Jersey, and also call MetLife Stadium their home.

These geographic differences have resulted in distinct fan bases and cultural affiliations. The Giants have traditionally been associated with the northern part of New Jersey, as well as with the greater New York City area.

Meanwhile, the Jets have often been seen as representing the suburbs of New York City and Long Island. These differences in geography, economics, and culture contribute to the intensity of the rivalry between the two teams.

Memorable Giants vs. Jets Moments

Over the years, the Giants and the Jets have had numerous memorable moments on and off the field. One standout moment was the “Snoopy Bowl” in 2010, a preseason game between the two teams that drew a record crowd of over 77,000 fans.

This game showcased the passion and intensity of the rivalry, even in a preseason setting.

Another unforgettable moment in the rivalry occurred during the 2011 season, when the Giants and the Jets faced off in a pivotal game with playoff implications. The Giants emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle, which ultimately propelled them to a Super Bowl victory that year.

The Battle for Headlines and Fans

Both the Giants and the Jets compete not only on the football field, but also for media attention and fan support. Being in the same market, these teams constantly vie for headlines in newspapers, airtime on radio and television, and social media buzz.

The competition extends to merchandise sales, ticket sales, and overall fan engagement.

According to Forbes, as of 2021, the Giants rank as the ninth-most valuable NFL franchise, with an estimated value of $4.85 billion. Meanwhile, the Jets rank as the twelfth-most valuable, with an estimated value of $4.05 billion.

These figures illustrate the strong fan bases and economic importance of both teams in the New York area.

The Giants’ Road to Glory

The New York Giants, one of the most iconic NFL teams in history, have had a long and storied road to glory. With a rich tradition and a dedicated fanbase, the Giants have enjoyed success both on and off the field.

From standout players to championship wins, let’s take a closer look at the Giants’ journey to greatness.

Standout Players Over the Years

The Giants have been home to numerous standout players who have left an indelible mark on the franchise. From legendary quarterbacks to dominant defensive players, the Giants have seen their fair share of talent.

Hall of Famers such as Lawrence Taylor, Eli Manning, and Michael Strahan have solidified their places in NFL history with their remarkable performances on the field. These players have not only contributed to the Giants’ success but have also become household names among football fans across the country.

Top Seasons and Championship Wins

The Giants have had several top seasons throughout their history, which have resulted in multiple championship wins. One of the most memorable seasons for the Giants was in 2007, when they defied the odds and won Super Bowl XLII against the previously undefeated New England Patriots.

Led by Eli Manning’s clutch performances and a dominant defense, the Giants shocked the football world and captured their third Super Bowl title.

Another notable season for the Giants was in 2011, when they once again faced the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. In a rematch of their previous Super Bowl meeting, the Giants emerged victorious once again, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

These championship wins have been pivotal moments in the Giants’ history, showcasing their resilience and determination to succeed on the grandest stage.

Best Coaches in Franchise History

Behind every successful team is a great coach, and the Giants have had their fair share of exceptional leaders on the sidelines. One of the most esteemed coaches in Giants’ history is Tom Coughlin, who led the team to their two recent Super Bowl victories.

Coughlin instilled a sense of discipline and accountability in his players, which translated into success on the field.

Another legendary coach for the Giants is Bill Parcells, who guided the team to two Super Bowl wins in the 1980s. Parcells’ tough coaching style and strategic prowess earned him the respect of his players and helped establish a winning culture within the organization.

These coaches, along with others who have contributed to the Giants’ success, have left a lasting legacy and have played a significant role in shaping the team’s road to glory.

The Jets Look to Repeat Super Bowl Success

The New York Jets have a rich history in the National Football League (NFL), with a passionate fan base and a tradition of success. One of the most memorable moments in the team’s history came in 1969 when they won Super Bowl III, led by legendary quarterback Joe Namath.

Since then, the Jets have been striving to recapture that Super Bowl magic and bring another championship to New York.

Jets Legends Throughout the Years

The New York Jets have been home to many iconic players throughout the years. From Joe Namath’s legendary performance in Super Bowl III to the dynamic duo of Mark Gastineau and Joe Klecko on the defensive line in the 1980s, the Jets have had their fair share of star power.

Other notable players include Curtis Martin, who is the team’s all-time leading rusher, and Darrelle Revis, one of the best cornerbacks to ever play the game. These players have left a lasting impact on the franchise and continue to be celebrated by Jets fans today.

Revisiting the 1968 Championship Season

The Jets’ 1968 championship season holds a special place in the hearts of Jets fans. Led by Joe Namath and an impressive defense, the team overcame the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

Namath famously guaranteed a victory before the game, and he delivered on his promise, earning him the Super Bowl MVP award. The win not only solidified Namath’s place in NFL history but also brought the Jets their first and only Super Bowl championship to date.

Postseason Appearances Since the Merger

While the Jets have not been able to replicate the success of their 1968 championship season, they have made several appearances in the NFL playoffs since the merger. The team has reached the postseason multiple times, with notable appearances in 1981, 1998, 2002, and 2009.

In 2009, the Jets made an impressive playoff run, reaching the AFC Championship game under the leadership of head coach Rex Ryan and rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. Although they fell short of the Super Bowl that year, their playoff run generated excitement among Jets fans and showcased the team’s potential for future success.

For more information and updates on the New York Jets, you can visit their official website here.


The Giants and Jets give New York football fans plenty to cheer for every NFL season. With two storied franchises playing home games at MetLife Stadium, New York is one of the few cities lucky enough to host multiple NFL teams.

Next time someone asks you how many NFL teams are in New York, you can confidently respond that there are two – the Giants and the Jets. Both have rich histories, intense rivalries, legendary players, and championships to celebrate. Here’s to an exciting future of professional football in the Big Apple!

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