San Francisco is renowned for its vibrant food scene. From Michelin-starred destinations to neighborhood gems, the city offers an astounding array of dining options.

If you’re looking for a quick answer: There are over 7,600 restaurants in San Francisco as of 2022.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the SF restaurant landscape, including:

– Total number of restaurants and breakdowns

– Notable restaurant neighborhoods

– San Francisco’s top-rated establishments

– Iconic local dishes and cuisines

– Challenges facing the industry

– Tips for navigating the scene as a tourist or local

How Many Restaurants Exist in San Francisco?

San Francisco is renowned for its vibrant food scene, offering a wide array of culinary delights for locals and tourists alike. With its diverse population and rich cultural heritage, it’s no wonder that the city is brimming with countless dining options.

So, just how many restaurants are there in San Francisco? Let’s explore the numbers and uncover the culinary landscape of the city.

Total Number of Eateries

As of the latest available statistics, San Francisco is home to an impressive number of restaurants. According to official records, there are over 4,500 eateries spread across the city. From trendy cafes to Michelin-starred establishments, San Francisco offers a vast range of dining experiences to suit all tastes and budgets.

Breakdowns by Neighborhood

The restaurant scene in San Francisco is not evenly distributed throughout the city. Different neighborhoods have their own unique culinary offerings, reflecting the diverse communities that reside there. Here are some of the notable neighborhoods and their respective restaurant counts:

  • The Mission District: Known for its vibrant food culture and diverse dining options, this neighborhood boasts over 500 restaurants.
  • Chinatown: As one of the oldest and largest Chinatowns in the United States, this neighborhood is home to numerous Chinese restaurants, adding up to around 200.
  • The Marina: With its picturesque waterfront location, the Marina neighborhood offers a variety of dining choices, including seafood restaurants and trendy cafes, totaling around 300 establishments.

These numbers are just a glimpse of the culinary landscape in San Francisco, as each neighborhood has its own unique dining scene waiting to be explored.

Restaurant Density

San Francisco has a high concentration of restaurants compared to many other cities. With its relatively small size, the city boasts a restaurant density that is higher than the national average. This means that no matter where you are in San Francisco, you are likely to find a restaurant within a short distance.

From the bustling streets of downtown to the cozy corners of residential neighborhoods, the city offers an abundance of choices for food enthusiasts.

To get a more comprehensive understanding of the restaurant landscape in San Francisco, you can refer to the official website of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, which provides up-to-date information on permits and inspections for food establishments in the city (

So, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to San Francisco, you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of dining options in this culinary paradise.

San Francisco’s Can’t-Miss Dining Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure in San Francisco, you’re in luck! The city is known for its vibrant food scene, with a wide range of cuisines and dining experiences to suit every taste. To help you navigate through the city’s countless options, here are four can’t-miss dining neighborhoods that should be on every foodie’s radar.


Step into Chinatown, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world. This bustling neighborhood is home to some of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. From dim sum to Peking duck, the options are endless.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the narrow alleyways and discover hidden gems that serve up authentic Chinese cuisine. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some traditional dishes like century egg or stinky tofu – you might be pleasantly surprised!

North Beach

Known as San Francisco’s “Little Italy,” North Beach is a food lover’s paradise. This neighborhood is packed with Italian restaurants, cafes, and bakeries that will satisfy your cravings for pizza, pasta, and cannoli.

Grab a seat at a sidewalk café and indulge in a classic Italian meal while enjoying the neighborhood’s lively atmosphere. And don’t forget to save room for gelato – it’s the perfect treat to top off your North Beach dining experience.


The South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood is not only a hub for tech companies but also a hotspot for food enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find a mix of trendy restaurants, food trucks, and artisanal markets. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet burgers, fusion cuisine, or farm-to-table fare, SOMA has it all.

Be sure to check out the popular food truck parks where you can sample a variety of cuisines from around the world. It’s a foodie’s dream come true!

The Mission

The Mission district is known for its diverse culinary scene, with an emphasis on Latin American flavors. From authentic Mexican taquerias to upscale Latin fusion restaurants, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood.

Don’t miss the chance to try the famous Mission-style burritos – they’re a San Francisco staple. And if you’re in the mood for some late-night eats, the Mission is home to a number of taquerias that stay open well into the early morning hours.

With so many incredible dining neighborhoods to explore, it’s no wonder San Francisco is a food lover’s paradise. Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese, Italian, fusion, or Latin American cuisine, these four neighborhoods offer a taste of the city’s diverse culinary landscape.

So grab your appetite and get ready to embark on a delicious adventure!

The City’s Highest-Rated Restaurants

Michelin Stars

San Francisco is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants, which are recognized as some of the finest dining establishments in the world. These prestigious accolades are awarded by the Michelin Guide, a renowned restaurant rating system.

The city boasts a number of restaurants with one, two, and even three Michelin stars, which are a testament to their exceptional culinary offerings and impeccable service. Some of the notable Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco include The French Laundry in Yountville, which has been awarded three Michelin stars, and Saison in San Francisco, which has been awarded three Michelin stars as well.

Top Rated Overall

Aside from Michelin-starred establishments, San Francisco is also home to a plethora of top-rated restaurants that have garnered rave reviews from both critics and diners. These restaurants are known for their outstanding cuisine, inventive menus, and exceptional dining experiences.

From contemporary fine dining to trendy neighborhood gems, there is something for every palate in the city. Some of the top-rated restaurants in San Francisco include Benu, Atelier Crenn, and Californios, all of which have received critical acclaim for their innovative and delicious dishes.

Classic Establishments

In addition to the high-end and modern culinary scene, San Francisco is also known for its classic establishments that have stood the test of time. These restaurants have become local institutions, beloved by generations of San Franciscans and visitors alike.

Whether it’s the iconic seafood dishes at Tadich Grill, the old-school Italian fare at The Stinking Rose, or the historic charm of House of Prime Rib, these classic establishments offer a taste of San Francisco’s culinary history.

When it comes to dining in San Francisco, there is no shortage of exceptional restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a Michelin-starred experience, a top-rated establishment, or a classic eatery, the city has it all.

Explore the diverse culinary landscape and indulge in the flavors that make San Francisco a food lover’s paradise.

Iconic San Francisco Foods and Cuisines


When it comes to seafood, San Francisco is a true gem. With its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the city offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious seafood options. From Dungeness crab and shrimp to oysters and salmon, seafood lovers will be in heaven.

The famous Fisherman’s Wharf is a must-visit destination for seafood enthusiasts, offering a range of seafood restaurants and markets. Don’t miss out on trying the iconic clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl!

Sourdough Bread

San Francisco is renowned for its sourdough bread, which has a distinct tangy flavor and chewy texture. The city’s unique microclimate and wild yeast strains contribute to the exceptional taste of the bread.

Boudin Bakery, established in 1849, is a San Francisco institution and one of the oldest sourdough bakeries in the city. Visitors can watch the bakers in action and sample a variety of sourdough breads.

Whether you’re enjoying a classic sourdough sandwich or a warm loaf straight from the oven, San Francisco’s sourdough bread is a culinary delight.

Mission-Style Burritos

The Mission District in San Francisco is famous for its mouthwatering mission-style burritos. These hefty and flavorful burritos are typically filled with rice, beans, meat (such as carne asada or grilled chicken), cheese, and salsa.

La Taqueria, a local favorite, is known for serving some of the best mission-style burritos in town. Whether you like it spicy or mild, vegetarian or meat-filled, these burritos are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Dim Sum Favorites

San Francisco’s vibrant Chinatown is home to some of the best dim sum in the city. Dim sum, a traditional Chinese cuisine, consists of bite-sized portions of various foods, including dumplings, steamed buns, and rice noodle rolls.

Yank Sing is a highly regarded dim sum restaurant that offers an extensive menu with a wide range of delectable options. Dim sum is typically enjoyed as a brunch or lunchtime feast, making it a great way to experience the flavors of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

For more information about San Francisco’s iconic foods and cuisines, check out, a comprehensive guide to the city’s culinary scene.

Navigating San Francisco’s Dining Scene

San Francisco is known for its vibrant and diverse dining scene, offering a plethora of culinary options for both locals and visitors. With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to eat.

This guide will provide you with valuable tips on how to navigate the dining scene in San Francisco, from making reservations to finding hidden gems.

Making Reservations

San Francisco is a popular destination for food enthusiasts, and as a result, many restaurants can get booked up quickly. To secure a table at your desired restaurant, it’s recommended to make reservations in advance.

Some popular restaurants even require reservations several weeks or even months ahead of time. Online reservation platforms such as OpenTable or Resy can be useful tools for securing a reservation. Additionally, it’s worth noting that some high-end restaurants may require a credit card to hold the reservation.

Saving Money

Dining out in San Francisco can be pricey, but there are ways to enjoy the city’s culinary delights without breaking the bank. One option is to explore the city’s vibrant food truck scene, which offers a variety of affordable and delicious options.

Another option is to take advantage of happy hour specials, where many restaurants offer discounted drinks and small plates. Additionally, some restaurants offer prix fixe menus or lunch specials that provide great value for money.

Don’t forget to check out online deal websites, such as Groupon, for discounted dining vouchers.

Finding Hidden Gems

While San Francisco is home to many well-known and highly-rated restaurants, sometimes the best dining experiences can be found off the beaten path. To discover hidden gems, it’s worth exploring the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

Areas like the Mission District, Chinatown, and the Outer Sunset have a wide range of dining options, from hole-in-the-wall establishments to innovative eateries. Additionally, seeking recommendations from locals or using food-focused websites and blogs can help you uncover lesser-known dining spots that offer unique and memorable experiences.

Remember, San Francisco’s dining scene is constantly evolving, with new restaurants opening and trends emerging. By making reservations in advance, being mindful of your budget, and exploring different neighborhoods, you’ll be able to navigate the city’s dining scene like a seasoned local.


San Francisco’s thousands of restaurants offer endless inspired cuisine from around the world. While joints in Chinatown and the Mission have classic SF fare, incredible high-end spots abound too. Though costs are high, sampling local flavors is a must for visitors and residents alike. With an unmatched range of options, San Francisco cements its status as a premier food city.

We hope this guide gave you deep insight into the San Francisco dining landscape. From street food to Michelin stars, exploring the city’s palate is a journey worth taking. Come hungry, be adventurous, and enjoy the diverse culinary wonderland that SF provides.

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