How Much Do Uber Drivers Make In Los Angeles?

As one of the largest metro areas in the U.S., Los Angeles provides significant opportunities for rideshare drivers. If you’re considering driving for Uber in LA to earn extra income, a key question is: how much can you realistically expect to make?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The average Uber driver in Los Angeles makes between $18-$27 per hour after expenses.

Average Hourly Earnings for LA Uber Drivers

One of the most common questions asked by individuals considering becoming an Uber driver in Los Angeles is how much they can expect to earn. While the earnings of Uber drivers can vary depending on various factors, such as the number of hours worked, the type of vehicle, and the demand for rides, understanding the average hourly earnings can provide some insight into the potential income.

Base Rates

The base rate is the starting point for calculating the earnings of an Uber driver. In Los Angeles, the base rate for UberX is typically around $0.85 per mile and $0.20 per minute. This means that for every mile driven, an Uber driver can earn $0.85, and for every minute spent on a trip, they can earn an additional $0.20.

However, it’s important to note that the base rate may vary based on factors such as the time of day and the level of demand.

Surge Pricing

Surge pricing is a feature in the Uber app that increases the fares during periods of high demand. When there are more riders requesting rides than available drivers, the fares go up to encourage more drivers to come online and meet the demand.

This surge pricing can significantly increase the earnings of Uber drivers during peak hours or special events. For example, during rush hour or on holidays, surge pricing can double or even triple the base rates, resulting in higher earnings for drivers.


Tipping is a common practice in the service industry, and Uber is no exception. While tipping is not required, many riders choose to tip their drivers as a way to show appreciation for excellent service.

Tips can range from a few dollars to even more substantial amounts, depending on the generosity of the rider. These tips can significantly boost the overall earnings of Uber drivers, especially if they consistently provide exceptional service.


It’s important to consider expenses when calculating the earnings of Uber drivers. These expenses can include fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and other related expenses. While Uber drivers are responsible for covering these costs, it’s crucial to keep track of them to accurately determine the net earnings.

Deducting these expenses from the gross earnings will give a better understanding of the actual income generated.

According to recent studies, the average hourly earnings for Uber drivers in Los Angeles range from $15 to $25 per hour after deducting expenses. However, it’s essential to note that these figures can vary depending on individual circumstances and external factors.

For more information on the earnings of Uber drivers in Los Angeles, you can visit the official Uber website or explore independent surveys and studies conducted on this topic.

Factors That Affect Earnings

Several factors can influence how much an Uber driver can make in Los Angeles. Understanding these factors can help drivers optimize their earnings and make informed decisions about their driving strategies.

Experience Level

One of the key factors that can impact an Uber driver’s earnings is their experience level. Generally, more experienced drivers tend to earn more than those who are just starting out. This is because experienced drivers have a better understanding of the city’s demand patterns, know the most profitable times to drive, and have built a loyal customer base.

According to a study conducted by Uber, in Los Angeles, drivers who have completed more than 2,500 trips earn on average 25% more than those who have completed less than 500 trips. So, as drivers gain more experience and accumulate more trips, their earnings potential tends to increase.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle a driver uses also plays a role in their earnings. In Los Angeles, Uber offers different services such as UberX, UberXL, and UberBlack, each with its own vehicle requirements and fare rates.

Generally, drivers with larger and more luxurious vehicles, such as SUVs or luxury sedans, can earn more by providing premium services like UberBlack.

However, it is important to consider the additional costs associated with owning and maintaining a higher-end vehicle. These costs, such as fuel consumption and insurance premiums, can eat into a driver’s overall earnings.

Therefore, drivers should carefully assess whether the potential increase in earnings justifies the additional expenses.

Hours Worked

The number of hours a driver works can significantly impact their earnings. In Los Angeles, driving during high-demand periods, such as rush hours or weekend nights, can result in higher fares due to increased passenger demand.

Additionally, participating in special events or popular destinations can also lead to higher earnings.

Uber provides drivers with real-time data on passenger demand, allowing them to plan their driving shifts strategically. By focusing on peak hours and areas with high demand, drivers can maximize their earnings potential.

However, it is important to balance the number of hours worked with personal well-being and fatigue management.

Locations Serviced

The areas where an Uber driver chooses to operate can impact their earnings. Drivers who primarily serve areas with a higher population density, such as downtown Los Angeles or popular tourist destinations, tend to have more frequent rides and higher earning potential.

On the other hand, drivers in less populated or remote areas may experience lower demand and therefore, lower earnings.

It is also worth noting that certain areas may have different fare rates or surge pricing multipliers, which can affect the overall earnings for drivers operating in those locations. Staying informed about local events, traffic patterns, and surge pricing can help drivers make informed decisions about where and when to drive.

How to Maximize Your Profits as an LA Uber Driver

Drive During Peak Times

One of the most effective ways to maximize your profits as an Uber driver in Los Angeles is to drive during peak times. These are the hours when demand for rides is high and surge pricing is in effect.

Peak times in LA typically include weekday mornings and evenings when people are commuting to and from work, as well as weekends when people are going out and exploring the city. By being available during these busy periods, you can take advantage of increased ride requests and earn more money.

Take Advantage of Surge Pricing

Surge pricing is another opportunity for Uber drivers in Los Angeles to increase their earnings. Surge pricing occurs when there is high demand for rides but a limited number of available drivers. During these times, the fares are increased, allowing drivers to earn more per trip.

To maximize your profits, keep an eye on the Uber app for surge notifications and try to position yourself in areas where demand is high. Just be sure to prioritize safety and only accept surge rides if it makes sense for you.

Maintain High Ratings

Your ratings as an Uber driver can significantly impact your earnings. Passengers are more likely to choose drivers with higher ratings, which means more ride requests for you. To maintain high ratings, provide excellent customer service, drive safely, and keep your vehicle clean and comfortable.

Engage with your passengers, be friendly, and make their experience enjoyable. Remember, happy passengers are more likely to give you a five-star rating and leave positive reviews, leading to more ride requests and ultimately higher profits.

Learn the City

Knowing the ins and outs of Los Angeles can greatly benefit your earnings as an Uber driver. Familiarize yourself with popular destinations, tourist attractions, and event venues. By having a good understanding of the city and its traffic patterns, you can navigate efficiently and take the quickest routes, which means more trips and more money in your pocket.

Additionally, being knowledgeable about LA can help you provide recommendations and suggestions to your passengers, enhancing their experience and potentially earning you higher tips.

Use an Efficient Route Strategy

Having a well-thought-out route strategy can save you time and increase your profits. Utilize navigation apps or tools to find the most efficient routes for each trip. Avoid traffic-heavy areas during peak hours and consider alternative routes that may be less congested.

Additionally, try to group rides together if possible, especially if you receive multiple requests in a similar area. This way, you can minimize downtime between rides and maximize your earning potential.

By following these tips, you can maximize your profits as an Uber driver in Los Angeles. Remember, it takes dedication, excellent customer service, and a good understanding of the city to truly succeed in this competitive market.

Alternatives to Uber for Rideshare Driving in LA

While Uber is a popular choice for rideshare driving in Los Angeles, there are also several other options available for drivers looking to earn money on the road. Here are some alternatives to consider:


Lyft is one of the biggest competitors to Uber in the rideshare industry. They offer similar services and have a large customer base in Los Angeles. Many drivers find that they can earn a comparable amount of money driving for Lyft as they can with Uber.

In fact, some drivers even prefer Lyft due to its reputation for being more driver-friendly.


Via is a rideshare service that operates on a different model than Uber and Lyft. Instead of picking up individual passengers, Via focuses on shared rides. Drivers are responsible for picking up multiple passengers heading in the same direction to optimize their earnings.

While the fares may be lower, the volume of rides can make up for it.


Wingz is a specialized rideshare service that focuses on airport transportation. Drivers who sign up with Wingz can pick up passengers from airports and take them to their destination. This can be a lucrative option, especially during peak travel times.

Wingz also offers pre-scheduled pickups, which can help drivers plan their schedules in advance.


Juno is a rideshare service that prides itself on being driver-friendly. They offer a higher commission rate to drivers compared to Uber and Lyft, which means drivers can potentially earn more money per ride.

Juno also provides drivers with additional benefits such as stock options and 24/7 phone support.


GetMe is another rideshare service that operates in Los Angeles. While it may not have as large of a customer base as Uber or Lyft, some drivers find that they can earn a decent income by driving for GetMe.

GetMe also offers delivery services, allowing drivers to earn money by delivering packages and groceries in addition to providing rides.

It’s important for rideshare drivers to consider all their options before deciding which platform to drive for. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, and what works for one driver may not work for another.

It’s also worth noting that driver earnings can vary based on factors such as time of day, location, and individual driver performance.

For more information on rideshare driving in Los Angeles and how much drivers can earn, you can visit the Uber and Lyft websites for their respective driver earnings estimates.


Driving for Uber in Los Angeles provides a flexible way to earn solid income in your spare time. While hourly earnings vary based on factors like experience and peak hours worked, most Uber drivers in LA earn around $18-$27 per hour after expenses. Maximizing your efficiency, working during high-demand times, and taking advantage of surge pricing are key to making the most money per hour.

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