How To Run In Fallout New Vegas

Sprinting through the Mojave Wasteland to escape danger or reach quest objectives quicker is an essential skill in Fallout New Vegas. But with limited Action Points, running can drain your AP quickly. In this comprehensive 3000 word guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about running and maintaining your AP in New Vegas.

If you just need the quick basics: Tapping the sprint button will cause your character to run, draining your AP. Taking perks like Light Step and increasing your Agility can improve running speed and AP efficiency.

Understanding Action Points (AP)

In Fallout New Vegas, action points (AP) play a crucial role in determining the actions you can take during combat. They represent the amount of energy your character has available to perform various actions, such as attacking, using skills, or consuming items.

Understanding how AP works is essential for strategizing your moves and making the most out of each turn.

How Action Points are Calculated

The number of action points you have is primarily based on your character’s Agility attribute. The higher your Agility, the more action points you will have available. Each point of Agility grants you an additional two action points.

For example, if your character has an Agility of 5, you will start with 10 action points.

It’s important to note that certain perks, equipment, and chems can also affect your action points. Some perks may provide bonus action points or reduce the AP cost of specific actions, allowing you to do more in a single turn.

Managing Action Points

Since action points are a finite resource, it’s crucial to manage them wisely during combat. Each action you take consumes a certain amount of AP, so it’s important to prioritize your actions based on their AP cost and the potential impact they may have on the battle.

For example, attacking with a melee weapon generally requires fewer action points than using a ranged weapon. Additionally, using VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) allows you to target specific body parts of your enemies, but it consumes more action points than regular attacks.

Consider the AP cost and potential benefits of each action before making a decision.

Increasing Action Points

If you find yourself frequently running out of action points during combat, there are several ways to increase your AP pool. One option is to invest in the Agility attribute when leveling up, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, certain perks, such as Action Boy/Girl, provide bonus action points.

Consuming certain chems, such as Jet, can also temporarily boost your AP.

It’s worth noting that AP regeneration occurs at the beginning of each turn, so if you find yourself in a tight spot, you can use the “Wait” action to regain some action points before taking your next turn.

Understanding the mechanics of action points in Fallout New Vegas is crucial for successful combat encounters. By managing your AP effectively and making strategic decisions, you can maximize your character’s potential in battle and increase your chances of survival in the harsh wasteland.

How to Start Sprinting

Running in Fallout New Vegas can be a great way to quickly navigate the vast wasteland and escape dangerous situations. To start sprinting, there are a few simple steps you can follow:

Step 1: Check Your Stamina

Before you start sprinting, it’s important to ensure that your character has enough stamina. Stamina is represented by a green bar on your HUD, located just below your health bar. If your stamina is low, you won’t be able to sprint for very long.

To replenish your stamina, you can consume food and drinks or use certain items like stimpacks.

Step 2: Press the Right Button

To initiate sprinting, you need to press and hold the “Shift” key on your keyboard (or the equivalent button on your gaming controller). This will activate your character’s sprinting ability and allow you to move at a faster pace. Keep in mind that sprinting consumes stamina, so use it wisely.

Step 3: Manage Your Stamina

While sprinting, keep an eye on your stamina bar. If it depletes completely, your character will stop sprinting and return to their regular walking speed. To prevent this, try to pace yourself and only sprint when necessary.

If you find your stamina running low, consider taking a short break to let it recharge.

It’s also worth noting that certain perks and abilities can improve your sprinting capabilities in Fallout New Vegas. For example, the “Run ‘n Gun” perk allows you to maintain your full sprint speed while aiming down sights, giving you an advantage in combat situations.

AP Boosting Items

In Fallout New Vegas, AP (Action Points) play a crucial role in combat situations, allowing players to perform various actions such as attacking, using special abilities, or even fleeing from dangerous encounters.

Managing your AP effectively can make a significant difference in your survival and success in the game. One way to boost your AP is by utilizing AP boosting items. These items can provide you with an extra edge in combat and give you more flexibility in your actions.

1. Food and Drinks

There are several food and drink items in Fallout New Vegas that can temporarily boost your AP. Consuming items such as Nuka-Cola Quartz, which grants you +20 AP for 4 minutes, or Mole Rat Meat, which provides +5 AP for 2 minutes, can give you an immediate boost when you need it the most.

It’s always a good idea to keep a stock of these items in your inventory for those intense battles.

2. Chemicals

Chemicals can also be used to boost your AP in Fallout New Vegas. One notable example is the Jet drug, a popular choice among wastelanders. Jet temporarily increases your AP by +30 for 10 seconds, giving you a significant advantage in combat situations.

However, be cautious of the addictive properties of these substances, as they can have negative long-term effects on your character.

3. Perks and Traits

Some perks and traits in Fallout New Vegas can provide permanent or situational AP boosts. For example, the Fast Shot trait allows you to fire weapons faster at the cost of reduced accuracy, while the Action Boy perk increases your AP regeneration rate by 15%.

These character enhancements can greatly improve your overall AP management and make you a formidable force in the wasteland.

4. Using V.A.T.S.

The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.) in Fallout New Vegas allows players to pause the game and target specific body parts of their enemies. Using V.A.T.S. consumes AP, but certain perks and items can reduce the AP cost of using V.A.T.S.

For example, the Concentrated Fire perk allows you to target specific body parts with increased accuracy, while the Laser Commander perk reduces the AP cost of using energy weapons in V.A.T.S.

Remember, using AP boosting items should be done strategically and in moderation. It’s important to consider the situation and assess whether using these items is necessary or if you can conserve your AP for later encounters.

Experiment with different combinations of items, perks, and traits to find the playstyle that suits you best. Happy exploring in the wasteland!

Perks to Improve Running

Running in Fallout New Vegas can often be a lifesaver, especially when you find yourself in a dangerous situation or need to quickly cover long distances. To enhance your running abilities, there are several perks that you can acquire throughout the game.

These perks will not only make you faster but also provide additional benefits that can greatly improve your overall gameplay experience. Here are some perks to consider:

1. Light Step

The Light Step perk allows you to move more quickly without triggering any ground-based traps, such as mines. This can be incredibly helpful when exploring areas filled with explosive hazards or when sneaking up on enemies.

With this perk, you can confidently sprint through dangerous territories without worrying about setting off any deadly surprises.

2. Action Boy/Girl

The Action Boy/Girl perk increases your overall action points regeneration rate. This means that you’ll have more stamina available to sprint for longer distances. Running out of stamina mid-sprint can be a frustrating experience, but with this perk, you’ll be able to cover greater distances without needing to pause and catch your breath.

3. Tunnel Runner

The Tunnel Runner perk is particularly useful when navigating underground spaces, such as tunnels or caves. It allows you to move faster and more quietly while sneaking, making it easier to evade enemies or surprise them with a swift attack.

This perk not only improves your running speed but also enhances your overall stealth capabilities.

4. Travel Light

The Travel Light perk reduces the weight of all the items you carry, which in turn increases your overall movement speed. This perk is especially beneficial if you tend to hoard a lot of items or find yourself constantly overburdened.

By lightening your load, you’ll be able to move more swiftly and efficiently, making your running experience much more enjoyable.

Remember, these perks can be obtained by leveling up and selecting them from the perk menu. Choose the ones that align with your playstyle and objectives to maximize the benefits of your running abilities in Fallout New Vegas.

Other Tips for Efficient Running

Running in Fallout New Vegas can be a great way to quickly navigate the vast wasteland. While the basics of running are pretty straightforward, there are a few additional tips that can help you become even more efficient in your travels.

1. Manage Your Stamina

Running consumes stamina, so it’s important to keep an eye on your stamina bar. If you run out of stamina, you’ll have to slow down or stop altogether, which can be dangerous in the unforgiving wasteland.

Make sure to keep an eye out for items or perks that can help increase your stamina or reduce stamina consumption.

2. Use Fast Travel

While running can be a great way to explore the world of Fallout New Vegas, sometimes it’s more efficient to use the fast travel feature. Fast travel allows you to instantly teleport to locations you have already discovered, saving you time and energy.

Just make sure to be mindful of your surroundings before using fast travel, as enemies or other dangers could be waiting for you at your destination.

3. Utilize Stealth

Stealth can be a useful tool when running in Fallout New Vegas. By sneaking and staying hidden, you can avoid unnecessary confrontations and conserve your energy for when you really need it. Additionally, you may be able to sneak past enemies or bypass difficult areas altogether, saving you time and resources.

4. Invest in the Travel Light Perk

The Travel Light perk is a great investment for any runner in Fallout New Vegas. This perk reduces the weight of all your apparel by 25%, allowing you to carry more supplies without slowing you down. This means you can run for longer distances without having to worry about being encumbered by heavy gear.

5. Stay Hydrated and Well-Fed

Running takes a toll on your character’s overall well-being, so it’s important to stay hydrated and well-fed. Make sure to carry enough water and food with you to replenish your character’s health and stamina.

This will not only improve your running efficiency but also help you survive in the harsh wasteland.

By following these additional tips, you’ll be able to run more efficiently in Fallout New Vegas and make the most of your adventures in the wasteland.


With the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to maximize your sprinting and explore the Mojave Wasteland at top speed. Manage your limited Action Points carefully, utilize AP boosting aids, and select perks that enhance running. Now you can swiftly evade dangers and reach objectives faster. Keep these tips in mind whenever you need to rely on your sprinting to survive New Vegas!

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