Finding The Best Kava Bars In Los Angeles

Originating in the South Pacific islands, kava is a popular social drink known for its calming effects. As kava increases in popularity across the US, kava bars offering this euphoric beverage in a relaxing atmosphere have been popping up in major cities like Los Angeles. If you’re looking to unwind and connect over some ‘awa, here’s a quick answer for the best kava bars in LA: Top spots include Nature’s Brew, Kava Social Club, Island Life Bar and Kavasutra Kava Bar.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of kava itself and then dive into the details on the top kava bars in Los Angeles. We’ll cover the vibe, menu, events and more to help you decide where to enjoy kava culture in LA.

What is Kava?

Kava, also known as Piper methysticum, is a plant native to the South Pacific islands. It has been used for centuries in traditional ceremonies and social gatherings in these regions. Kava is derived from the roots of the plant and is typically consumed as a drink.

Origin and Cultural Significance

Kava has a rich cultural history in the South Pacific islands, where it is considered a sacred and important part of their social fabric. It is often used in rituals, ceremonies, and gatherings to promote relaxation, social bonding, and a sense of community.

The plant is deeply rooted in the traditions and customs of these island communities.

One of the most well-known countries associated with kava is Fiji, where it plays a central role in their culture. In Fiji, kava ceremonies are a common practice, and it is customary to offer kava to guests as a sign of hospitality and friendship.

Effects and Health Benefits

Kava has gained popularity in recent years due to its relaxing and calming effects. It is known to promote a sense of well-being and help reduce stress and anxiety. Many people also report improved sleep quality after consuming kava.

Research suggests that kava may have potential health benefits, such as reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, it is important to note that the scientific evidence is still limited, and more research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential risks.

How it’s Consumed

Kava is typically consumed as a beverage, made by grinding the roots of the plant and mixing them with water. The resulting liquid is then strained and served in a bowl or cup.

Traditionally, kava is consumed in a ceremonial setting, where participants gather around a communal bowl and take turns drinking from it. This ritualistic practice is believed to enhance the social bonding experience.

It is worth mentioning that the taste of kava can be quite unique and earthy, which may take some getting used to for those trying it for the first time. However, many kava bars now offer flavored varieties, such as pineapple or coconut, to make it more palatable for newcomers.

The Best Kava Bars in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse range of bars. For those looking for a unique and relaxing experience, kava bars offer a refreshing alternative. These bars serve kava, a traditional drink made from the roots of the kava plant.

Kava has been used for centuries in Pacific Island cultures for its calming and socializing effects. If you’re in Los Angeles and interested in trying out this ancient beverage, here are some of the best kava bars to visit:

Nature’s Brew

Nature’s Brew is a popular kava bar located in the heart of Los Angeles. This cozy and inviting space offers a wide selection of kava drinks, including traditional kava bowls and kava cocktails. The bar also serves a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, making it a great spot for those looking for a healthier alternative to alcohol.

With its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, Nature’s Brew is a must-visit for kava enthusiasts.

Kava Social Club

If you’re looking for a more social experience, Kava Social Club is the place to be. This lively bar offers a range of kava drinks, as well as live music and entertainment. The bar has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it a great spot to meet new people and make friends.

Kava Social Club also hosts special events and workshops, where you can learn more about the benefits and cultural significance of kava.

Island Life Bar

For a taste of the tropics, head over to Island Life Bar. This kava bar is known for its authentic Polynesian decor and laid-back vibe. The bar offers a variety of kava drinks, including traditional kava bowls and kava shots.

Island Life Bar also serves delicious island-inspired snacks and appetizers, perfect for pairing with your kava drink. Whether you’re a kava connoisseur or a first-time drinker, Island Life Bar is sure to provide a memorable experience.

Kavasutra Kava Bar

If you’re looking for a kava bar with a modern twist, Kavasutra Kava Bar is worth a visit. This trendy bar offers a unique selection of kava drinks, including flavored kava shots and kava-infused mocktails. The bar has a sleek and stylish interior, making it a great spot for a night out with friends.

Kavasutra Kava Bar also offers a range of kava products for purchase, so you can bring the kava experience home with you.

So, whether you’re a kava enthusiast or just curious to try something new, Los Angeles has a variety of kava bars to suit your taste. Each of these bars offers a unique atmosphere and selection of drinks, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

So grab a friend or two, and head out to one of these top kava bars to experience the relaxing and social benefits of this ancient beverage.


With its laidback vibe and welcoming community, Los Angeles’ kava scene offers the perfect setting to unwind and connect over this soothing elixir. Nature’s Brew, Kava Social Club, Island Life Bar and Kavasutra Kava Bar are among the top kava bars in LA to experience true South Pacific-style kava culture.

From traditional prep methods to inventive kava cocktails, these spots will show you why ‘awa is becoming a staple for relaxation in fast-paced LA. So next time you need a break from the grind, grab a shell and soak in the chill atmosphere at one of LA’s great kava bars.

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