What Is The Official Name Of The Las Vegas Nba Team?

The excitement surrounding professional basketball coming to Las Vegas reached a fever pitch in 2017 when the NBA approved an expansion team in the city. However, one key question surrounding the new franchise was what it would officially be named. This comprehensive guide will examine the history of how the Las Vegas NBA team ultimately arrived at its unique identity and name.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: The new NBA team in Las Vegas is named the Las Vegas Aces.

Background on the Las Vegas NBA Expansion Team

The Las Vegas NBA expansion team has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement in recent years. With the success of the Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL, many sports fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of an NBA team in the city.

Let’s take a closer look at the background of this exciting new addition to the NBA.

NBA Approval in 2017 for a Las Vegas Team

In 2017, the NBA gave its approval for an expansion team to be located in Las Vegas. This decision came after careful consideration of the city’s potential as a sports market. The NBA recognized the growing popularity of professional sports in Las Vegas and saw an opportunity to tap into this untapped market.

Las Vegas Considered an Untapped Market

Las Vegas has long been known as a popular tourist destination, offering world-class entertainment, casinos, and resorts. However, it was not until recently that the city started to gain recognition as a viable sports market.

The success of the Vegas Golden Knights, the local NHL team, has proven that Las Vegas is hungry for professional sports and can support a team.

The NBA saw this potential and recognized that Las Vegas had a passionate and enthusiastic fan base that was eager to support a basketball team. With a population of over 2 million people in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, the city offers a large and diverse fan base for the NBA.

Original Team Ownership Group Led by Bill Foley

The original ownership group for the Las Vegas NBA team was led by billionaire businessman Bill Foley. Foley, who is also the owner of the Vegas Golden Knights, saw the potential for a successful NBA team in Las Vegas and took the initiative to make it happen.

Foley’s leadership and experience in the sports industry have been instrumental in bringing the NBA to Las Vegas. With his deep pockets and commitment to the city, Foley has assembled a strong ownership group that is dedicated to building a winning team and providing a top-notch fan experience.

The NBA Team Name Selection Process

When the NBA announced that Las Vegas would be receiving its own team, the ownership group was determined to create a unique identity that would resonate with the city and its residents. The team name selection process was an important step in establishing this identity and generating excitement among fans.

Ownership Wanted a Unique Vegas Identity

The ownership group recognized the importance of reflecting the vibrant and energetic spirit of Las Vegas in the team’s name. They wanted to create a brand that would stand out and capture the essence of the city’s entertainment industry and rich history.

Understanding that Las Vegas is known for its iconic landmarks, world-class entertainment, and lively nightlife, the team’s name needed to embody these characteristics. The ownership group believed that by having a unique and memorable team name, they could create a strong connection between the team and the city.

Several Name Finalists Emerged

During the team name selection process, the ownership group brainstormed a variety of potential names that could capture the essence of Las Vegas. They considered names that were inspired by the city’s iconic landmarks, such as “The Aces” or “The Strips.”

Other potential names paid homage to the city’s reputation as the entertainment capital of the world, like “The Showstoppers” or “The Entertainers.”

After careful deliberation, a list of name finalists emerged. These names were evaluated based on their connection to Las Vegas, their uniqueness, and their ability to resonate with fans. The ownership group understood the importance of selecting a name that would generate excitement and create a strong fan base.

Fan Voting Helped Choose the Final Name

Recognizing the significance of involving the fans in the decision-making process, the ownership group decided to incorporate fan voting to help choose the final name. This allowed the Las Vegas community to have a voice and be part of the team’s identity.

The ownership group launched a fan voting campaign, where fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorite name from the list of finalists. The voting process generated a tremendous amount of engagement and excitement among fans, as they eagerly awaited the announcement of the team’s official name.

After weeks of voting, the ownership group announced the final name based on the overwhelming response from the fans. The chosen name not only captured the essence of Las Vegas but also resonated with the passionate fan base, creating a strong connection between the team and its supporters.

The NBA team name selection process in Las Vegas was a collaborative effort between the ownership group and the fans. By incorporating fan voting and considering the unique identity of Las Vegas, the team was able to choose an official name that reflects the spirit of the city and creates a sense of pride among its fans.

Introducing the Las Vegas Aces

The official name of the Las Vegas NBA team is the Las Vegas Aces. The team was revealed in 2018, along with its distinctive logo and branding.

Name and Logo Revealed in 2018

In December 2017, the WNBA announced that the San Antonio Stars would be relocating to Las Vegas. The team’s new name, the Las Vegas Aces, was unveiled on December 11, 2017, during a press conference at the Mandalay Bay Event Center.

The logo of the Las Vegas Aces features a playing card-inspired design, with a spade at the center and the word “ACES” written in bold letters. The color scheme includes black, silver, and gold, representing the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

Aces References Las Vegas Culture and History

The choice of the name “Aces” is a nod to Las Vegas’ rich gambling culture and history. In the world of card games, the ace is often considered the highest-ranking card, symbolizing excellence and success. By adopting this name, the team aims to embody the spirit of competitiveness and achievement.

Additionally, the logo’s spade design is a direct reference to playing cards, further tying the team to the city’s renowned casinos and entertainment scene.

Mixed Response to Unexpected Choice

The announcement of the Las Vegas Aces as the official name of the NBA team garnered mixed reactions from fans and sports enthusiasts. Some embraced the choice, appreciating its connection to the city’s identity and the team’s aim to achieve greatness.

Others expressed surprise and even disappointment, expecting a more traditional name.

However, over time, the Las Vegas Aces have built a strong fan base and have become an integral part of the city’s sporting landscape. Their success on the court, combined with their unique branding, has solidified their place in Las Vegas’ sports culture.

For more information about the Las Vegas Aces, you can visit their official website: https://aces.wnba.com/.

Impact of the Aces Name on Merchandise and Marketing

The official name of the Las Vegas NBA team, the Aces, has had a significant impact on merchandise sales and marketing strategies. The team’s name resonates with fans and has generated strong initial merchandise sales.

Strong Initial Merchandise Sales

Since the announcement of the team’s name, the Aces logo and merchandise have been flying off the shelves. Fans have shown immense support for the team by purchasing jerseys, hats, and other team-related merchandise.

The strong initial sales indicate a high level of excitement and anticipation for the team’s debut in the NBA.

The popularity of the Aces name can be attributed to its association with Las Vegas and the city’s reputation as a hub of entertainment and excitement. The name captures the essence of the city and resonates with both locals and tourists alike.

The team’s marketing efforts have also played a significant role in driving merchandise sales. The Aces have utilized various channels, including social media, advertising, and partnerships, to create awareness and generate interest in their merchandise.

By leveraging the team’s name and logo, the marketing team has effectively tapped into the enthusiasm surrounding the NBA’s arrival in Las Vegas.

Appealing to Local Fan Base Critical

Choosing a name that appeals to the local fan base was critical for the success of the team’s merchandise and marketing efforts. Las Vegas is a unique market with a diverse population and a strong sense of community.

By selecting the name Aces, the team was able to connect with the local fan base and establish a sense of pride and ownership.

The Aces name also pays homage to the city’s history and connection to the world of gambling. It represents the spirit of competition and the desire to come out on top, which resonates with sports fans in Las Vegas.

By aligning the team’s identity with the city’s culture, the Aces have created a strong bond with the local community.

Name Allows Creative Marketing Angles

The Aces name provides ample opportunities for creative marketing angles. The team has leveraged the name to create unique and engaging campaigns that capture the attention of fans and potential customers.

For example, the Aces have organized events and promotions centered around the idea of “being dealt a winning hand.” This concept ties in with both the team’s name and the city’s association with gambling.

By incorporating elements of luck and chance into their marketing strategies, the Aces have been able to create a buzz and generate excitement among fans.

The Aces name also lends itself well to collaborations and partnerships. The team has collaborated with local businesses and organizations to create limited-edition merchandise and exclusive experiences.

These partnerships not only drive sales but also help to strengthen the team’s connection to the local community.

Response to the Aces Name Over Time

When the Las Vegas NBA team initially announced their official name as the “Aces,” there was some skepticism among fans and sports enthusiasts. Many were unsure if the name truly captured the spirit of Las Vegas and its association with entertainment and excitement.

However, over time, this skepticism has been replaced by acceptance and even appreciation for the unique identity that the Aces bring to the NBA.

Initial Skepticism Replaced by Acceptance

At first, some people questioned the choice of the name “Aces” for a basketball team. They felt that it didn’t align with the traditional team names like “Lakers” or “Celtics.” However, as the team started to make a name for themselves on the court, winning games and gaining recognition, fans began to embrace the name.

They realized that the Aces symbolize the team’s determination, skill, and ability to come out on top, just like a winning hand in a game of poker.

Moreover, the name “Aces” also resonates with the city of Las Vegas itself, which is known for its vibrant casino culture and the thrill of taking risks. It represents the city’s ability to turn the odds in its favor and come out victorious.

This connection between the team name and the city’s unique identity has played a significant role in the acceptance of the Aces by both locals and fans from around the world.

Players Embraced the Unique Identity

One of the reasons why the Aces name has gained acceptance is because the players themselves have embraced the unique identity it represents. The team has a strong roster of talented athletes who bring their A-game to the court, displaying skill, determination, and a winning mentality.

They see themselves as the “Aces” of the NBA, ready to take on any challenge and come out victorious.

This sense of pride in their team name has translated into their performance on the court. The Aces players have shown great teamwork, resilience, and a never-give-up attitude, which has garnered them respect from both fans and opponents alike.

FIBA Rules Forced Temporary Name Change

It is worth mentioning that the Aces had to temporarily change their name due to FIBA rules. The team was not allowed to use the same name as a professional women’s basketball team in the WNBA, also called the Las Vegas Aces.

As a result, they had to adopt the name “Las Vegas Stars” for a brief period until the FIBA rules were revised, allowing them to revert to their original name.

The temporary name change did not dampen the enthusiasm and support for the team. Fans continued to cheer for the Las Vegas Stars, showing their loyalty and dedication to the team, regardless of the name.


The Las Vegas Aces has proven to be an intriguing and fitting name for the city’s first major professional sports team. While unconventional, it ties into Las Vegas history and culture while allowing for versatile branding opportunities. Over time, skepticism about the unknown name has been replaced by acceptance and even enthusiasm in the local community. As the team continues to build its reputation, the Aces identity will likely only grow stronger.

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