As one of the most iconic and successful franchises in NBA history, Los Angeles Lakers tickets are always in high demand. If you’re considering buying Lakers season tickets, there are many factors to weigh like pricing, seat locations, and ticket packages.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Lakers season ticket prices typically range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the seat location at Arena. There are half, quarter, and premier season ticket packages available to split or enhance your plan.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide crucial details on the overall costs, the pros and cons of various seating sections, additional membership benefits, and tips for buying and selling Lakers season tickets.

Costs of Lakers Season Tickets

When it comes to securing a spot at the Staples Center to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play, season tickets are the ultimate way to go. However, it’s essential to understand the costs involved. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the pricing for Lakers season tickets:

Breakdown of pricing by section

The cost of Lakers season tickets varies depending on the seating section chosen. The seating sections are divided into several categories, including lower level, premier, terrace, and balcony. Each category has its own price range based on factors such as proximity to the court, amenities, and overall viewing experience.

Lower-level seats are typically the most expensive, while balcony seats are more budget-friendly. It’s advisable to check the official Lakers website or contact the ticket office for specific pricing details for each section.

Half season ticket plans

If committing to a full season of games is not feasible, the Lakers offer half-season ticket plans. These plans allow fans to secure seats for half of the regular-season home games. This option provides flexibility for those who cannot attend every game or have budget constraints.

The pricing for half-season ticket plans is typically lower than that of full season tickets, but specific pricing details can be obtained from the Lakers ticket office or website.

Quarter season plans

For even more flexibility, the Lakers also offer quarter season plans. These plans allow fans to attend a quarter of the regular-season home games. This option is ideal for those who have limited availability or want to experience Lakers games without committing to a larger package.

Quarter season plans typically have lower pricing compared to half-season or full-season plans. To find out more about quarter season plans, it is recommended to visit the official Lakers website or contact the ticket office.

Comparison to single game tickets

While single game tickets provide an option for attending individual Lakers games, they are generally more expensive compared to season ticket packages. Season ticket holders enjoy several benefits, including priority access to playoff tickets, exclusive events, and potential discounts.

Additionally, acquiring season tickets ensures a guaranteed seat for every home game, whereas single game tickets may sell out quickly or have limited availability for popular matchups. For fans interested in attending multiple games throughout the season, investing in season tickets can provide a more cost-effective and convenient option.

For more information on Lakers season ticket pricing and availability, please visit the official Los Angeles Lakers website.

Best Seat Locations

When it comes to watching the Los Angeles Lakers in action, getting the best seat location can make a huge difference in your game-day experience. Here are some of the top seat locations to consider:


There’s nothing quite like the excitement of sitting courtside and being just a few feet away from your favorite players. Courtside seats offer an up-close and personal view of the action, allowing you to see every play, hear the players’ conversations, and feel the energy of the game.

These seats are often considered the most exclusive and sought-after in the arena.

Lower Bowl

If you want a great view of the game without breaking the bank, the lower bowl seats are a fantastic option. Located just above the courtside seats, the lower bowl offers a perfect blend of proximity to the action and an elevated view of the court.

You’ll be able to see all the details of the game while still enjoying the atmosphere and energy of being close to the court.

Upper Bowl

For fans on a budget or those who prefer a broader view of the game, the upper bowl seats are a popular choice. These seats are located higher up in the arena but still provide a great view of the court.

The advantage of the upper bowl is that you get a wider perspective of the game, allowing you to see the plays unfold and understand the tactics and strategies employed by the players.


If you’re looking for a more luxurious and private experience, suites are a great option. Suites offer a comfortable and exclusive setting, often equipped with amenities such as private bathrooms, catering services, and comfortable seating.

These seats are perfect for entertaining clients, hosting a special event, or simply indulging in a VIP experience while watching the Lakers play.

It’s important to note that the availability and pricing of these seat locations may vary depending on the game and demand. It’s always recommended to check with the official Lakers website or authorized ticket sellers for the most up-to-date information and options.

Season Ticket Member Benefits

Being a season ticket member for the Los Angeles Lakers comes with a wide array of benefits that enhance the overall fan experience. From early access to tickets to exclusive events, being a season ticket member is a great way to show your support for the team while enjoying many perks.

Preseason ticket access

As a season ticket member, you gain early access to purchase tickets for Lakers preseason games. This allows you to secure your seats before the general public, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the excitement of seeing the team in action before the regular season begins.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness the players’ skills and get a taste of what’s to come.

Playoff ticket purchase

One of the most exciting benefits of being a season ticket member is the ability to purchase tickets for Lakers playoff games. When the team reaches the postseason, demand for tickets skyrockets, and securing seats can be a challenge.

However, as a season ticket member, you have the advantage of early access to playoff tickets, giving you a higher chance of being a part of the electrifying atmosphere of playoff basketball.

Exclusive events

Season ticket members are invited to exclusive events hosted by the Los Angeles Lakers organization. These events can include meet-and-greets with players and coaches, behind-the-scenes tours of the team’s facilities, and special Q&A sessions with basketball experts.

These events provide an opportunity to connect with fellow fans and get an inside look at the team you love.

Gifts and member discounts

As a token of appreciation, season ticket members receive special gifts from the Los Angeles Lakers. These can range from team merchandise to limited-edition collectibles, allowing you to show off your Lakers pride in style.

Additionally, season ticket members often receive exclusive discounts on team merchandise, concessions, and other services at the Lakers’ home games.

Becoming a season ticket member for the Los Angeles Lakers not only guarantees you access to the team’s games but also opens the door to a world of exclusive benefits. From preseason ticket access and the opportunity to purchase playoff tickets to exclusive events and member discounts, being a season ticket member is a truly rewarding experience for any avid fan.

For more information on Los Angeles Lakers season ticket membership, visit

Buying and Selling Lakers Tickets

Purchasing directly from the Lakers

One of the most reliable ways to secure Lakers tickets is by purchasing them directly from the team. The Los Angeles Lakers website provides a user-friendly platform where fans can browse available games, select their preferred seating options, and make their purchase.

Not only does this guarantee the authenticity of the tickets, but it also ensures that fans have access to the best available seats. Additionally, the Lakers often offer exclusive benefits and perks to season ticket holders, such as priority access to playoff tickets and special events.

To stay updated on ticket sales and promotions, fans can sign up for the Lakers’ newsletter or follow their social media channels.

Using a ticket reseller

If tickets from the Lakers website are sold out or if fans are looking for more flexibility in terms of seating options, using a reputable ticket reseller can be a viable alternative. Websites like StubHub and Ticketmaster Resale provide a secure platform for buying and selling Lakers tickets.

These platforms offer a wide range of seating choices, including premium options, and often have a large inventory of tickets available. Fans can compare prices, read reviews, and even take advantage of last-minute deals.

It is important, however, to ensure that the reseller is reputable and that the tickets are verified before making a purchase. Checking for buyer protection guarantees can help safeguard against any potential issues.

Strategies for selling unwanted games

There may be instances when fans are unable to attend a Lakers game and need to sell their tickets. One of the most popular platforms for selling tickets is StubHub. This trusted marketplace allows fans to list their tickets at their preferred price.

To increase the likelihood of selling the tickets, it is recommended to set a competitive price based on market demand. Providing detailed information about the seating location and any additional perks, such as parking passes or access to exclusive lounges, can also make the listing more attractive to potential buyers.

Utilizing social media platforms, such as Facebook groups or Lakers fan forums, can also be an effective way to connect with interested buyers. Remember, when selling tickets, it is crucial to ensure that the transfer process is secure and that the tickets are delivered to the buyer in a timely manner.

The Laker Experience

Attending games at Arena:

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most iconic basketball teams in the NBA, and attending their games at the Arena is an experience like no other. The arena, located in downtown Los Angeles, provides an electric atmosphere that is unmatched.

With a seating capacity of over 18,000, fans have the opportunity to witness the Lakers’ thrilling games up close and personal.

The Arena boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including comfortable seating, excellent acoustics, and top-notch amenities. Whether you’re a die-hard Lakers fan or simply a basketball enthusiast, the arena provides an immersive experience that will leave you in awe.

From the moment you step foot into the arena, you’ll be greeted by the vibrant energy of the fans and the anticipation of an unforgettable game.

Enjoying Hollywood’s team:

One of the unique aspects of being a Los Angeles Lakers fan is the team’s close association with Hollywood. The Lakers have a rich history of attracting celebrities and high-profile personalities to their games, adding an extra touch of glamour and excitement.

It’s not uncommon to spot famous actors, musicians, and athletes sitting courtside, cheering on the team.

Watching a Lakers game at Arena is not just about the basketball; it’s also about the overall experience. From the pre-game entertainment to the halftime shows, the Lakers organization goes above and beyond to create a captivating atmosphere for fans.

Whether it’s witnessing a jaw-dropping dunk from LeBron James or a clutch three-pointer from Anthony Davis, every moment at a Lakers game is filled with anticipation and excitement.

So, if you’re a fan of basketball and want to be part of an unforgettable experience, attending a Los Angeles Lakers game at the Arena is a must. You’ll get to witness the magic of Hollywood’s team firsthand and be a part of the legacy that is the Los Angeles Lakers.


Los Angeles Lakers season tickets give fans elite access to one of basketball’s most celebrated franchises. While prices are steep, season ticket holders get the best seat options and VIP membership perks.

By understanding the costs for each section, the benefits provided, and strategies for buying and selling, you can make the most of Lakers season tickets. Use our guide to weigh the pros and cons and enjoy legendary LA basketball!

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