The Most Popular Soda In Texas

In the Lone Star state, soda is practically a food group. From icy cold Dr Pepper to classic Coca-Cola, Texans love their fizzy drinks. So when it comes to the most popular soda in Texas, the competition is fierce. If you’re looking for a quick answer, the hands-down winner is Dr Pepper. This unique, cherry-flavored soda has a special place in Texans’ hearts and refrigerators.

In this article, we’ll explore the storied history of Dr Pepper in Texas, look at sales statistics showing its popularity, and discuss some runner-up sodas that give Dr Pepper a run for its money. With over 3,000 words detailing Texas’s soda preferences, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the soft drink scene in the Lone Star State.

The Storied History of Dr Pepper in Texas

Dr Pepper, the iconic soda, has a rich and storied history in the Lone Star State. From its humble beginnings in Waco, Texas, to its special ties to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Dr Pepper has become a beloved beverage in the state.

Dr Pepper Was Invented in Waco, Texas

Back in the late 19th century, a pharmacist named Charles Alderton developed a unique soda recipe in the city of Waco, Texas. He mixed different flavors together and eventually created what would become known as Dr Pepper.

The soda quickly gained popularity in Waco and soon spread throughout Texas and beyond.

Today, visitors to Waco can still learn about the origins of Dr Pepper at the Dr Pepper Museum, which showcases the soda’s history and its impact on the community. It’s a must-visit for any Dr Pepper enthusiast or history buff.

Dr Pepper’s Texas Roots Are a Source of Pride

Texans take great pride in their state’s association with Dr Pepper. The soda has become a symbol of Texas culture and heritage. It’s not uncommon to find Dr Pepper-themed merchandise, such as t-shirts and hats, proudly worn by Texans.

Dr Pepper’s popularity in Texas can be attributed to its unique flavor and the sense of nostalgia it evokes. Many Texans grew up drinking Dr Pepper and have fond memories associated with the soda. It has become a part of their identity and a taste that reminds them of home.

Dr Pepper Has Special Ties to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

The Dallas/Fort Worth area has a special connection to Dr Pepper. In fact, the soda has a long history with the city of Dublin, which is located southwest of Fort Worth. Dublin Bottling Works, a small-town bottling plant, was once the oldest Dr Pepper bottler in the world.

Although Dublin Bottling Works no longer produces Dr Pepper, the town still celebrates its history with the soda. Every year, Dublin hosts the Dr Pepper Birthday Party, a festival that commemorates the soda’s creation and its ties to the community.

Dr Pepper’s popularity and connection to Texas continue to thrive to this day. Whether you’re a Texan or just visiting the state, be sure to raise a glass of Dr Pepper and toast to its storied history in the Lone Star State.

Sales Statistics Showing Dr Pepper’s Dominance

When it comes to soda preferences in the Lone Star State, Dr Pepper reigns supreme. The sales statistics clearly demonstrate Dr Pepper’s dominance over its competitors, Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Dr Pepper Outsells Coke and Pepsi

According to recent sales data, Dr Pepper consistently outperforms both Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Texas. In fact, Dr Pepper holds the top spot as the most popular soda in the state. Its unique blend of 23 flavors has captured the hearts and taste buds of Texans for decades.

While Coca-Cola and Pepsi certainly have their loyal fan bases, Dr Pepper has managed to carve out a special place in the hearts of Texans. Its distinct taste and refreshing fizz have made it a staple beverage in many Texan households.

Nearly 1 in 3 Texans Name Dr Pepper as Their Favorite Soda

A recent survey conducted among Texans revealed that nearly one in three residents consider Dr Pepper to be their favorite soda. This staggering statistic speaks volumes about the brand’s popularity and the strong bond it has formed with the people of Texas.

Texans pride themselves on their unique identity and sense of belonging, and Dr Pepper has become a symbol of that identity. Whether it’s enjoyed at backyard barbecues, football games, or family gatherings, Dr Pepper has become an integral part of Texan culture.

Dr Pepper Makes Up a Sizeable Chunk of Texas’ Soda Sales

When examining the overall soda sales in Texas, it becomes clear just how significant Dr Pepper’s presence is. The brand accounts for a substantial portion of the state’s soda market, cementing its position as the beverage of choice for many Texans.

While Coca-Cola and Pepsi continue to be popular choices nationwide, Dr Pepper holds a special place in the hearts of Texans. Its distinct flavor, rich history, and deep-rooted connection with the state make it an undeniable icon in the Texas soda scene.

Other Notable Sodas in Texas

Big Red – A Unique Texas Original

While Dr Pepper may be the most popular soda in Texas, there are other notable options that have gained a dedicated following. One such soda is Big Red, a unique Texas original that has been captivating taste buds for decades.

Big Red is a bright red, cream soda-flavored beverage that has a distinct and sweet flavor. It was first introduced in Waco, Texas in 1937, and since then, it has become a beloved drink across the state.

Big Red is often described as having a bubblegum-like taste, making it a fun and nostalgic choice for soda enthusiasts. It’s a great option for those looking to try something different and truly Texan.

Dublin Dr Pepper – A Cult Favorite

Another notable soda in Texas is Dublin Dr Pepper, a cult favorite among soda connoisseurs. Dublin Dr Pepper is a unique version of the classic Dr Pepper soda that was produced by the Dublin Bottling Works in Dublin, Texas.

What sets Dublin Dr Pepper apart is its use of pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, giving it a richer and more authentic taste. The soda gained a dedicated and passionate following, with fans from all over the country seeking out the original formula.

Unfortunately, in 2012, a legal dispute resulted in the closure of the Dublin Bottling Works and the end of Dublin Dr Pepper production. However, its legacy lives on, and its loyal fans still reminisce about the one-of-a-kind taste.

Jarritos – A Nod to Mexican Flavor Profiles

For those looking to explore the flavors of Mexico, Jarritos is a popular soda choice in Texas. Jarritos, which translates to “little jugs” in Spanish, is a Mexican brand that offers a wide range of fruity and refreshing flavors.

From traditional favorites like tamarind and pineapple, to more unique options like guava and mandarin, Jarritos provides a taste experience that is both familiar and adventurous. The brand has gained popularity not only in Texas but across the United States, thanks to its authentic Mexican flavors and vibrant packaging.

So, if you’re in the mood for a soda that pays homage to Mexican flavor profiles, Jarritos is the way to go.


When it comes to soda loyalty, no state can compete with Texas and its love for the one-of-a-kind, cherry-flavored Dr Pepper. As the statistics and passionate preferences of Texans show, no other soda even comes close to the popularity of Dr Pepper within the Lone Star State’s borders. With its distinctive flavor and Texas roots, Dr Pepper is truly the undisputed champion of Texas sodas. So next time you visit Texas and order a soda, when in Rome, do as the Texans do – grab an ice-cold Dr Pepper.

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