What Does Police Code 419 Mean In Las Vegas?

If you’ve heard police chatter mentioning ‘code 419’ in Las Vegas, you may wonder what it means. Code 419 is one of many numbered codes used by police departments to communicate concisely over radio systems.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Police code 419 in Las Vegas means there is a dead body or deceased person that requires a coroner to come examine it.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what police code 419 signifies in Las Vegas, when it’s used, how it originated, and how it fits into the overall system of police codes used in the city. With insight into this cryptic code, you’ll better understand radio communications among Las Vegas first responders.

Definition of Code 419 in Las Vegas

Code 419 is a specific police code used in Las Vegas to indicate that a dead body is present at a particular location. This code is part of the standardized system of codes used by law enforcement agencies to efficiently communicate information and dispatch appropriate resources.

Specifically Means a Dead Body is Present

When the police receive a call or encounter a situation where a dead body is found or suspected, they will use Code 419 to communicate this information. This code helps to ensure that everyone involved understands the severity and urgency of the situation.

By using a specific code, law enforcement can quickly relay important details to other officers, emergency responders, and the coroner’s office.

Alerts Coroner’s Office to Respond

One of the main purposes of Code 419 is to alert the coroner’s office to respond to the scene. The coroner’s office plays a crucial role in investigating deaths, determining the cause of death, and providing closure for the deceased person’s family.

By using this code, the police are able to expedite the process of bringing in the appropriate personnel to handle the deceased individual and initiate the necessary procedures for investigation.

Other Cities Use Different Numbers

It’s important to note that police codes can vary across different cities and regions. While Code 419 is used in Las Vegas, other cities may use different numbers or codes to indicate the presence of a dead body.

This is due to the fact that police codes are not standardized nationwide and can be specific to the jurisdiction in which they are used.

When Las Vegas Police Use Code 419

Code 419 is a specific police code used by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) to refer to various situations involving deceased individuals. This code is used to communicate information quickly and efficiently among officers, allowing them to respond appropriately to different scenarios.

Discovering a Deceased Person

One of the situations where Las Vegas police officers may use Code 419 is when they come across a deceased person. This could be in a public space, such as a park or street, or in a private residence. Upon receiving a call or arriving at the scene, officers will use Code 419 to alert dispatch and other officers that a deceased person has been found.

Once the code is communicated, additional resources may be dispatched, such as detectives, crime scene investigators, and the coroner’s office. Their presence is crucial for conducting a thorough investigation and determining the cause of death.

Suicides, Homicides, Accidents

Code 419 is also used when there is suspicion or evidence of a suicide, homicide, or accidental death. In these cases, the code helps to differentiate the situation from a natural death or one that occurred due to medical reasons.

Upon receiving a call or arriving at the scene of such incidents, officers will use Code 419 to indicate the need for immediate assistance and specialized resources. These incidents require careful handling, evidence collection, and potential involvement of other agencies, such as the crime lab or the homicide division.

Natural Causes of Death

While Code 419 is often associated with deaths resulting from criminal activities or suspicious circumstances, it is also used for situations involving natural causes of death. When a person passes away due to medical reasons, such as a terminal illness or old age, officers may still use Code 419 to inform dispatch and other personnel about the situation.

This helps in ensuring that the appropriate resources are allocated and that the necessary procedures, such as contacting the coroner’s office, are followed. Even in cases of natural death, it is important for the police to be involved to rule out any foul play or potential criminal activities.

For more information on the specific protocols and procedures followed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department when using Code 419, you can visit their official website at www.lvmpd.com.

Origin and History of Code 419

The police code 419 is a part of the broader system of police codes used by law enforcement agencies across the United States. These codes are used to communicate information quickly and efficiently between officers and dispatchers.

Each code represents a specific situation or action, enabling officers to relay information without the need for lengthy descriptions.

Part of Broader System of Police Codes

The use of police codes dates back to the early days of radio communication in law enforcement. In the early 20th century, police departments realized the need for a standardized system of codes to streamline communication and maintain operational security.

This led to the development of the first set of police codes, including the famous “10-codes” used by many agencies.

Code 419 is a specific code that has different meanings depending on the jurisdiction. It is important to note that police codes can vary from one city to another, and even within different departments within the same city.

Codes Evolved with Police Radio Usage

As police departments transitioned to using radio communication, the need for standardized codes became even more important. Radio transmissions had to be concise and clear, as officers needed to convey information in real-time while on the move.

Over time, the codes evolved to cover a wide range of situations and actions that officers may encounter in the field. From traffic violations to emergency situations, these codes enable officers to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Code 419 Adopted in Las Vegas in 1970s

In the case of Las Vegas, code 419 was adopted by the police department in the 1970s. This code represents a specific situation or action that officers may encounter in their line of duty. However, the exact meaning of code 419 in Las Vegas may differ from other jurisdictions.

To understand the specific meaning of code 419 in Las Vegas, it is important to consult the official police department’s documentation or contact the department directly for accurate information.

For more information on police codes and their meanings, you can visit reputable websites like policecodes.net or policeone.com. These websites provide comprehensive lists of police codes used across the United States, including code 419.

How Code 419 Fits into Las Vegas Police Code System

In the Las Vegas Police Code system, Code 419 plays an important role in facilitating efficient communication between officers and dispatchers. Understanding how this code fits into the larger system can help shed light on its meaning and significance.

400 Series Codes Cover Deaths

The 400 series codes in the Las Vegas Police Code system are specifically designated to cover incidents related to deaths. These codes allow officers to quickly identify the nature of the situation and respond accordingly.

Code 419, in particular, pertains to a specific type of death-related incident.

When a 419 code is dispatched, it typically refers to a death that is the result of a suicide. This code allows officers to prioritize their response and provide appropriate assistance to the situation at hand.

First Digit Indicates Category

Each code in the Las Vegas Police Code system is composed of three digits. The first digit of the code indicates the general category of the incident. For example, 400 series codes cover deaths, while 500 series codes are related to traffic incidents.

Understanding this categorization system is crucial for both officers and dispatchers as it allows for quick identification of the incident type. By simply hearing the first digit of the code, officers can get a general idea of the situation they are about to encounter.

Allows Efficient Radio Communication

The use of police codes, including Code 419, in the Las Vegas Police Code system enables efficient radio communication between officers and dispatchers. Instead of describing the nature of an incident in detail over the radio, officers can use the appropriate code to convey essential information.

This streamlined communication system saves valuable time and ensures that officers can efficiently coordinate their response. It also helps maintain confidentiality by preventing sensitive information from being broadcasted over the airwaves.

It’s important to note that police codes can vary between jurisdictions. Therefore, it’s always essential to consult the specific code system used by the Las Vegas Police Department for the most accurate information.

To learn more about the Las Vegas Police Code system and its various codes, you can visit the official Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department website at www.lvmpd.com.

Police Scanner Enthusiasts and Code 419

For some people, listening to police scanners has become a fascinating hobby. These individuals enjoy tuning in to the radio frequencies used by law enforcement agencies to stay updated on the latest incidents and emergencies happening in their communities.

Police scanner enthusiasts can be found across the country, including in Las Vegas. They find excitement in deciphering the coded language used by police officers and understanding the situations they are responding to.

Listening to Scanners a Hobby for Some

Listening to police scanners has gained popularity among hobbyists who are interested in law enforcement and emergency services. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier than ever to access live police scanner feeds online or through smartphone applications.

Enthusiasts can tune in to various frequencies and channels to listen to real-time conversations between police officers and dispatchers.

This hobby provides a unique insight into the daily activities of law enforcement agencies and allows enthusiasts to stay informed about what is happening in their communities. They can hear about traffic accidents, fires, arrests, and other incidents as they unfold.

Police scanner enthusiasts often form online communities where they can discuss and share interesting transmissions they come across, adding a social aspect to this hobby.

Can Help Journalists and Citizens Stay Informed

Police scanner enthusiasts play a significant role in helping journalists and citizens stay informed about what is happening in their communities. Journalists can listen to police scanners to gather real-time information about breaking news stories, enabling them to report accurate and up-to-date information to the public.

This can be particularly useful during fast-paced events such as car chases, protests, or natural disasters.

Citizens can also benefit from listening to police scanners as it allows them to be aware of any potential dangers or emergencies in their vicinity. It provides an additional layer of information that may not be immediately available through traditional news sources.

By being informed, citizens can make better decisions about their safety and take appropriate actions when necessary.

Code 419 Indicates Newsworthy Event

Police codes are used to quickly communicate information between officers and dispatchers, and one such code that holds significance in Las Vegas is Code 419. When police officers use Code 419, it indicates a newsworthy event is taking place.

This could include incidents such as major accidents, high-profile arrests, or significant public safety concerns.

Code 419 alerts police scanner enthusiasts to pay extra attention as it often signifies that an event of significant public interest is unfolding. Journalists and citizens who are listening to police scanners can use this code as a cue to pay closer attention to the information being shared and to seek additional details if available.


When the police scanner in Las Vegas mentions code 419, it specifically signifies the discovery of a deceased person requiring the medical examiner. This code evolved as part of a system to allow for clear communication among first responders. Understanding code 419 and other common police codes removes the veil of secrecy around law enforcement radio transmissions.

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