If you want a unique dining experience in San Francisco that literally revolves around delicious food and incredible views, this guide to the city’s rotating restaurants has you covered. In short, San Francisco has two main revolving restaurants – the Equinox on the 68th floor of the iconic Transamerica Pyramid, and the Eye in the Sky lounge atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Read on for a comprehensive look at these two spinning San Francisco fixtures. We’ll cover their history, the views they offer, what’s on their menus, tips for visiting, and more details on getting a table at these one-of-a-kind eateries.

The Famous Equinox Restaurant

Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Equinox Restaurant has become an iconic landmark in the city’s dining scene. With its unique spinning and revolving feature, this restaurant offers guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience that combines breathtaking views with exceptional cuisine.

Origins and opening in 1972

The Equinox Restaurant first opened its doors in 1972, quickly becoming a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Its innovative concept of a rotating dining room was a novelty at the time and drew attention from around the world.

The restaurant’s founders envisioned a space where diners could enjoy their meal while gazing out at the stunning San Francisco skyline.

Over the years, the Equinox Restaurant has undergone renovations and updates to maintain its modern appeal. However, it has managed to preserve its original charm and continues to be a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and sightseers.

Skyline and bay views from the Pyramid top

One of the main draws of the Equinox Restaurant is its unparalleled views of the San Francisco skyline and the beautiful bay. Perched at the top of the iconic Pyramid building, diners can enjoy panoramic vistas as the restaurant slowly rotates, offering a constantly changing perspective.

Whether it’s watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge or admiring the twinkling city lights at night, the views from the Equinox Restaurant are truly breathtaking. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, a special celebration, or simply an unforgettable dining experience.

Overview of the contemporary American cuisine

While the Equinox Restaurant offers stunning views, it is the cuisine that truly shines. The restaurant’s menu features a contemporary American fare, with a focus on using locally sourced ingredients and flavors that reflect the diversity of San Francisco’s culinary scene.

From signature dishes like Dungeness crab cakes to mouthwatering steaks and seafood, the Equinox Restaurant offers a range of options to please every palate. The talented chefs create dishes that are both visually appealing and delicious, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

For those looking for a memorable dining experience in San Francisco, the Equinox Restaurant is a must-visit. With its iconic rotating feature, stunning views, and delectable cuisine, it offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience that captures the essence of the city by the bay.

The Sir Francis Drake’s Eye in the Sky

When it comes to spinning and revolving restaurants in San Francisco, one iconic establishment stands out: The Sir Francis Drake Hotel’s Starlight Room lounge. Perched on the 21st floor of this historic hotel, the Starlight Room offers breathtaking views of the city while guests enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Creation of the Starlight Room lounge in 1939

The Starlight Room lounge has a rich history that dates back to 1939. It was originally created as a glamorous nightclub, providing a luxurious and elegant space for locals and visitors to enjoy music, dancing, and socializing.

Over the years, it has evolved into a popular destination for those seeking a unique dining experience in San Francisco.

360-degree panoramas from the 21st floor

One of the main draws of the Starlight Room lounge is its stunning 360-degree panoramas of San Francisco. From the 21st floor, guests can gaze out at iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the Transamerica Pyramid.

The ever-changing views provide a captivating backdrop as diners indulge in their meals.

The Starlight Room lounge offers a truly immersive dining experience, allowing guests to feel like they are floating above the city while enjoying their meal. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide unobstructed views, creating a sense of awe and wonder that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Cocktails and entertainment at the lounge bar

In addition to its breathtaking views, the Starlight Room lounge also offers a vibrant atmosphere with live entertainment and a wide selection of cocktails. Whether you’re looking to sip on a classic martini or try a creative concoction crafted by the talented bartenders, the lounge bar has something for everyone.

The Starlight Room lounge has become known for its lively nightlife scene, attracting locals and tourists alike. From live music performances to DJ sets, there is always something happening to keep guests entertained throughout the evening.

If you’re looking to elevate your dining experience in San Francisco, a visit to The Sir Francis Drake’s Starlight Room lounge is a must. With its rich history, breathtaking views, and lively atmosphere, it offers a truly unforgettable experience that captures the essence of this vibrant city.

Visiting San Francisco’s Spinning Restaurants

San Francisco is famous for its diverse culinary scene, and one unique dining experience you shouldn’t miss is eating at a spinning or revolving restaurant. These establishments offer not only delicious food but also stunning panoramic views of the city.

Here are some tips and information to help you make the most of your visit.

Reservations and seating tips

Due to their popularity, it is recommended to make reservations in advance when planning to dine at a spinning restaurant in San Francisco. This ensures you secure a table and avoid long wait times. Additionally, it’s a good idea to request a window seat if you want to enjoy the breathtaking views while enjoying your meal.

Keep in mind that these seats are often in high demand, so make sure to request them early.

What to expect with rotating floor speeds

Each spinning restaurant in San Francisco has its own unique rotation speed. Some rotate slowly, providing a more relaxed dining experience, while others have a faster rotation, adding an exciting element to your meal.

The speed of the rotation can vary from restaurant to restaurant, so it’s a good idea to research beforehand or ask the staff about the specific speed if you have concerns or motion sickness.

Dress code and pricing information

Most spinning restaurants in San Francisco have a casual dress code, but it’s always a good idea to check their website or call ahead to confirm. As for pricing, these restaurants tend to be on the higher end due to their unique dining experience and stunning views.

However, the price is usually justified by the quality of the food, service, and ambiance. Keep in mind that some spinning restaurants may have a minimum spending requirement, especially during peak hours or special events.

Before planning your visit, it’s a good idea to research each spinning restaurant’s website for more specific information about reservations, seating, dress code, and pricing. Remember to book in advance, arrive early, and enjoy your meal while taking in the breathtaking views of San Francisco’s skyline.

Other Revolving Restaurants Around the World

While San Francisco boasts some incredible spinning and revolving restaurants, there are other iconic establishments around the world that offer a unique dining experience with stunning views. Here are a few notable rotating restaurants to add to your bucket list:

Brief highlights of global spinning eateries

  • 360 Restaurant – CN Tower, Toronto: Located at the top of the iconic CN Tower, the 360 Restaurant offers breathtaking panoramic views of Toronto while you enjoy a delicious meal. It completes a full rotation every 72 minutes, allowing guests to see the city from every angle.
  • Top of the World – Stratosphere, Las Vegas: Situated on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Tower, the Top of the World restaurant offers unparalleled views of the Las Vegas Strip. As you savor your meal, the restaurant slowly rotates 360 degrees, providing a unique perspective of the city’s glittering lights.
  • Revolving Restaurant – Sky Tower, Auckland: Located in New Zealand’s tallest man-made structure, the Sky Tower, the Revolving Restaurant offers stunning views of Auckland’s skyline and harbor. It completes a full rotation in just over an hour, giving diners an ever-changing view as they indulge in delicious cuisine.

Notable rotating restaurants in U.S. cities

Aside from San Francisco’s spinning restaurants, there are other notable revolving dining establishments in various cities across the United States. Here are a few worth mentioning:

City Restaurant Rotation Time
Seattle SkyCity – Space Needle 47 minutes
Chicago The Signature Room – John Hancock Center 80 minutes
Atlanta Sun Dial – Westin Peachtree Plaza 60 minutes

These rotating restaurants not only provide a unique culinary experience but also offer breathtaking views of their respective cities. So, if you’re looking to dine with a twist, make sure to check out these other incredible revolving restaurants around the world!


With their constantly moving floors and jaw-dropping 360-degree views, San Francisco’s revolving restaurants offer one-of-a-kind dining experiences. The Equinox and the Sir Francis Drake’s Eye in the Sky have been elevating both meals and perspectives for decades.

From proposals and anniversaries to tourists seeking city sights, these restaurants continue turning tables and delighting diners. Just remember to make reservations in advance to guarantee a spot at one of San Francisco’s spinning culinary icons.

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