A Guide To The Ruth’S Chris Dress Code In Chicago

With its upscale ambiance and signature sizzling steaks, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a go-to spot for a luxe dining experience in Chicago. But before you head to one of the Ruth’s Chris locations downtown, you may be wondering – what exactly is the dress code? Is it formal attire only, or can you get away with business casual?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Chicago requires business casual attire at a minimum. Jackets are recommended for men, while dresses, skirts, and pantsuits are recommended for women.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Ruth’s Chris dress code in Chicago, including:

A breakdown of recommended attire for both men and women

Guidelines on footwear, accessories, and styling

Tips for dressing up your business casual look

Examples of ideal outfits to wear

Decoding the Ruth’s Chris Dress Code

Business casual minimum

When dining at Ruth’s Chris in Chicago, it is important to adhere to their dress code policy. The restaurant maintains a business casual minimum dress code, which means that guests are expected to dress in attire that is neat, clean, and presentable.

This typically includes slacks or khakis, a collared shirt or blouse, and closed-toe shoes. While jeans may be allowed, it is best to opt for a more polished look when dining at this upscale establishment.

Jackets and cocktail attire welcomed

Ruth’s Chris takes pride in providing an elegant dining experience, and guests are encouraged to dress accordingly. While the business casual minimum is required, guests are also welcomed to dress up for the occasion. Men can choose to wear a jacket, and women can opt for cocktail attire.

Adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit will enhance your dining experience and make you feel like a VIP.

It’s worth noting that the dress code may vary slightly depending on the occasion or location. For special events or holidays, Ruth’s Chris may have specific dress requirements, such as formal attire. It is always a good idea to check with the restaurant or visit their website for any updates or additional information.

For more information on Ruth’s Chris dress code, you can visit their official website https://www.ruthschris.com/. This will provide you with the most up-to-date guidelines and ensure that you are dressed appropriately for your dining experience.

Recommended Attire for Men

Collared shirts, slacks, and jackets

When dining at Ruth’s Chris in Chicago, men are expected to adhere to a certain dress code. The restaurant maintains an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, so it’s important to dress accordingly. Men should opt for collared shirts, which can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, paired with slacks or dress pants.

The shirts should be neatly pressed and in good condition, and should not have any offensive or distracting graphics or slogans. Wearing a jacket is also recommended, especially during dinner service or on special occasions.

By following this dress code, men can ensure that they fit in seamlessly with the upscale ambiance of Ruth’s Chris. The combination of a collared shirt, slacks, and a jacket creates a polished and refined look that is appropriate for fine dining experiences.

Dress shoes and accessories

When it comes to footwear, men should wear dress shoes that are clean, polished, and in good condition. Sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops are not appropriate for the dress code at Ruth’s Chris. Dress shoes, such as oxfords or loafers, complement the overall appearance and complete the polished look.

It’s important to ensure that the shoes are comfortable since diners may be standing or walking throughout the evening.

In terms of accessories, men can add a touch of personal style with tasteful choices. A tie is optional but can elevate the overall look. Other accessories like watches, cufflinks, and belts should be understated and complement the outfit rather than stand out.

It’s important to remember that the focus should be on the overall elegance of the attire, rather than any individual accessory.

For further guidance on appropriate attire, individuals can refer to the official Ruth’s Chris website, which provides detailed information on their dress code policies. The website also offers insights into the restaurant’s overall ambiance and dining experience, allowing diners to tailor their attire accordingly.

Recommended Attire for Women

Cocktail dresses, dressy separates

When dining at Ruth’s Chris in Chicago, women are encouraged to dress in cocktail dresses or dressy separates. This means opting for elegant and sophisticated outfits that are appropriate for a fine dining experience. Cocktail dresses are a popular choice as they offer a classic and stylish look.

Dressy separates, such as a blouse paired with a skirt or tailored pants, can also be a great option. These outfits allow women to showcase their personal style while still adhering to the dress code.

Heels, jewelry, and handbags

In addition to the attire, it is also important for women to pay attention to their accessories. Heels are highly recommended to complement the elegant attire. They not only add height but also contribute to a more polished and put-together look.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to opt for understated pieces that enhance the overall outfit without overpowering it. A statement necklace or a pair of earrings can be a great addition. Lastly, don’t forget about handbags.

A small clutch or a stylish handbag can complete the ensemble and provide a functional accessory to carry essentials.

For more fashion inspiration and tips on dressing for fine dining, you can visit websites like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. These reputable sources provide insights into the latest trends and offer guidance on how to dress for various occasions.

Remember, dressing up for a special dinner at Ruth’s Chris in Chicago is an opportunity to showcase your personal style and make a memorable impression.

Elevating Your Business Casual Look

When dining at Ruth’s Chris in Chicago, it’s important to adhere to the restaurant’s dress code to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. While the dress code at Ruth’s Chris is generally described as business casual, there are ways to elevate your look and make a stylish impression.

Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

Choosing quality fabrics and tailoring

One of the key elements in elevating your business casual look is selecting high-quality fabrics for your attire. Opt for garments made from materials like cotton, linen, or wool, as they not only look more refined but also tend to drape better on the body.

Investing in well-tailored clothing can make a significant difference in how you present yourself. Ensure that your clothes fit properly and are tailored to your body shape. This will give you a polished and put-together appearance.

Incorporating dressier accents

While the dress code may be business casual, there’s no harm in adding some dressier accents to your outfit. For men, consider adding a blazer or sport coat to your ensemble. This instantly adds a touch of sophistication and elevates your look.

Pair it with a crisp dress shirt, tailored pants, and dress shoes to complete the ensemble. For women, a well-fitted dress or a tailored blouse with a skirt or pants can create a polished and professional look. Don’t forget to accessorize with tasteful jewelry and a pair of elegant shoes.

Remember, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed when dining at a fine establishment like Ruth’s Chris. By following these tips and putting a little extra effort into your business casual attire, you’ll ensure that you not only meet the dress code requirements but also make a great impression.

Putting Together Sample Outfits

Formal and semi-formal dress examples

When dining at Ruth’s Chris in Chicago, it’s important to adhere to their dress code policy. For formal occasions, such as anniversaries or business dinners, gentlemen should opt for a well-tailored suit or a dress shirt and slacks combination.

A classic black or navy suit paired with a crisp white shirt is always a safe and sophisticated choice. To add a touch of elegance, consider accessorizing with a stylish tie and polished dress shoes. Ladies can opt for a chic cocktail dress or a tailored pantsuit.

Elegant heels and tasteful jewelry will complete the ensemble.

For semi-formal occasions, the dress code allows for a slightly more relaxed attire. Men can choose to wear a blazer or sports coat with dress pants, paired with a collared shirt. Adding a pocket square or a stylish tie can elevate the look.

Women can opt for a dressy skirt or slacks paired with a blouse or a tailored top. A pair of heels or dressy flats will complete the outfit.

Creative business casual combinations

While Ruth’s Chris in Chicago maintains a formal dress code, they also allow for creative business casual attire. This provides an opportunity to showcase your personal style while still adhering to the restaurant’s guidelines.

For men, consider wearing a well-fitted pair of chinos or dress pants paired with a button-down shirt. Experiment with different patterns and colors to add personality to your outfit. Complete the look with a blazer or a sports coat, and opt for dress shoes or loafers.

Women can explore various combinations to achieve a creative business casual look. Consider pairing a tailored blazer with a stylish blouse and dress pants or a skirt. Adding a statement accessory, such as a bold necklace or a colorful scarf, can instantly elevate the outfit.

Opt for comfortable yet fashionable footwear, such as heeled sandals or ankle boots, to complete the ensemble.

Remember, when putting together your outfit for Ruth’s Chris in Chicago, it’s essential to consider the occasion and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Dressing appropriately not only shows respect for the establishment but also enhances your dining experience.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House exudes class and sophistication, and your attire should follow suit when dining at one of their Chicago restaurants. By sticking to business casual clothing or higher in quality fabrics, clean silhouettes, and smart styling, you’ll fit right in with their elegant atmosphere. Use the tips in this guide to dress your best, then sit back and enjoy the fine dining experience that Ruth’s Chris is renowned for.

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