Songs With Colorado In The Lyrics

Music has the power to transport us to places far and wide. For those who love the Centennial State of Colorado, hearing familiar town and city names in song lyrics can stir fond memories or longings to return. Whether vocêre a native Coloradan or just love the sights and experiences the state offers, songs referencing Colorado deliver nostalgia and pride.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: There are many great songs across genres that reference Colorado in their lyrics, from folk and country classics like ‘Rocky Mountain High’ by John Denver to more modern pop and rock hits like ‘Boulder to Birmingham’ by Emmylou Harris and ‘Colorado’ by 3OH!3. Keep reading for an in-depth look at over 15 songs through the decades that pay homage to the Colorado life and landscape.

Folk Songs Celebrating Colorado Life and Land

John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ and Other Folk Classics

When it comes to songs that celebrate the beauty and spirit of Colorado, it’s hard to overlook the legendary John Denver. His iconic song, ‘Rocky Mountain High’, has become an anthem for the state and its residents.

With its heartfelt lyrics and melodic guitar strumming, the song captures the awe-inspiring landscapes and the sense of freedom that comes with living in Colorado.

But John Denver isn’t the only folk artist who has paid tribute to the Centennial State. Artists like Judy Collins with her song ‘Colorado’, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with ‘Colorado Christmas’, have also found inspiration in the state’s natural beauty and unique culture.

These folk classics not only celebrate the natural wonders of Colorado but also touch upon the deep connection that people feel to the land and the sense of belonging that comes with living in this remarkable state.

Indie Folk References to Colorado Places and Feelings

While John Denver and other folk legends have left an indelible mark on Colorado’s music scene, the influence of indie folk artists cannot be overlooked. Many indie folk songs make subtle references to Colorado places and evoke the feelings associated with living in the state.

Artists like The Lumineers with their song ‘Ophelia’, which mentions the city of Denver, and Gregory Alan Isakov with ‘San Luis’, which references the San Luis Valley, provide a modern take on folk music while still paying homage to the Colorado lifestyle.

These indie folk songs capture the essence of Colorado, from the vibrant city life to the tranquility of the mountains, and resonate with both locals and visitors alike. They offer a fresh perspective on the state’s unique charm and add to the rich tapestry of songs that celebrate Colorado.

Country Songs About Colorado People and Towns

Early Country References From Legends Like Willie Nelson

When it comes to country songs about Colorado, it’s hard to ignore the early references made by legends like Willie Nelson. In his classic hit “On the Road Again,” Nelson sings about being “on the road again” and mentions passing through Colorado.

This song has become an anthem for travelers and captures the excitement of hitting the open road, with Colorado being a memorable stop along the way.

Another iconic country song that mentions Colorado is “City of New Orleans” by Steve Goodman. This song, later popularized by Willie Nelson, tells the story of a train journey from Chicago to New Orleans.

In one verse, Goodman sings about passing through Colorado, painting a vivid picture of the landscape and the beauty of the state.

These early country songs not only showcase the talent of artists like Willie Nelson and Steve Goodman, but they also highlight the allure and charm of Colorado, making it a popular destination for country music enthusiasts.

Newer Country Songs From Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, and Others

As country music evolved over the years, more artists have incorporated Colorado into their lyrics, showcasing the state’s influence and appeal. One such example is Blake Shelton’s hit song “Ol’ Red,” which tells the story of a prison escapee and his love for a woman in Colorado.

The song not only showcases Shelton’s storytelling abilities but also adds a touch of humor to the narrative.

Kenny Chesney also pays tribute to Colorado in his song “Beer in Mexico.” While the song primarily focuses on enjoying a cold beer in Mexico, Chesney references a “Colorado rocky mountain high” in the chorus, reminding listeners of the scenic beauty and outdoor adventures that await in the state.

Other notable mentions include Dierks Bentley’s “Drunk on a Plane,” where he sings about flying to Colorado to drown his sorrows after a breakup, and Zac Brown Band’s “Toes,” which references escaping to Colorado for a carefree vacation.

These newer country songs not only showcase the diversity of country music but also highlight the enduring appeal of Colorado as a source of inspiration for artists across different generations.

For more information on country songs about Colorado, you can visit where you’ll find a comprehensive list of songs that celebrate the beauty and spirit of the Centennial State.

Rock and Pop Songs Mentioning Colorado

Classic Rock Tributes in Songs Like ‘Colorado’ by Neil Young

When it comes to songs mentioning Colorado, one cannot overlook the iconic track “Colorado” by Neil Young. Released in 2019, this song pays homage to the beautiful landscapes and the vibrant spirit of the state.

Neil Young’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful voice capture the essence of Colorado, making it a favorite among both locals and visitors.

Another classic rock gem that mentions Colorado is John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High.” This timeless anthem celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the sense of wonder they evoke.

With its catchy melodies and poetic lyrics, “Rocky Mountain High” has become a symbol of Colorado’s natural splendor.

These songs not only showcase the musical talent of renowned artists but also serve as a testament to the enchanting allure of Colorado’s landscapes. Whenever these tunes play, they transport listeners to the majestic mountains and scenic vistas that define the state.

Modern Pop and Rock Bands Like The Lumineers and OneRepublic

In recent years, Colorado has also inspired a new wave of pop and rock bands to incorporate references to the state in their music. One such example is The Lumineers, an indie folk band known for their chart-topping hit “Ho Hey.”

While the song doesn’t explicitly mention Colorado in the lyrics, it was written and recorded in Denver, Colorado, adding a local touch to their success story.

Another notable mention is OneRepublic’s “Good Life,” which has become an anthem for embracing positivity and appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Although the song doesn’t directly reference Colorado, it resonates with the state’s mantra of living life to the fullest and enjoying the natural wonders that surround us.

These modern pop and rock bands, with their unique styles and infectious melodies, continue to contribute to the musical legacy of Colorado. Their songs not only entertain but also inspire listeners to embrace the spirit of adventure and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.


The inspiring geography and culture of Colorado have motivated musicians for generations. Folk singers extoll the nature and lifestyle, country stars relate the stories of small town livin’, and rockers channel the energy and freedom of the West. For Coloradoans and visitors alike, these songs recall the experiences and scenery that make the state so unforgettable. The music lives on as a soundtrack to Colorado’s enduring spirit.

So next time vocêre looking for songs about mountain livin’, small towns, and western energy, be sure to add these Colorado classics and hidden gems to votre playlist. Let the music bring you right back to the feeling of crisp mountain air, winding roads through canyons, and the beauty of the Colorado landscape.

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