Whitney Houston was one of the most legendary singers of all time, known for her incredible vocal range and iconic songs like “I Will Always Love You.” But when she wasn’t on stage belting out number one hits, what did the pop diva like to do for fun?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Whitney Houston enjoyed shopping, playing board games with family and friends, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with her daughter.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into Whitney Houston’s hobbies and interests outside of her prolific music career. We’ll explore her favorite ways to unwind and have a good time, from low-key nights in to luxurious getaways. Whether you’re a diehard fan looking to learn more about your idol’s personal life, or just generally curious about what major celebrities do for recreation, you’ll find all the details here.

She Loved to Shop

Houston was an avid shopper who enjoyed retail therapy

Whitney Houston, the iconic singer and actress, had a passion for shopping. She found joy and relaxation in indulging in retail therapy. Whether she was feeling down or simply wanted to treat herself, shopping was her go-to activity.

It allowed her to escape from the pressures of her busy career and immerse herself in the world of fashion and luxury.

She frequented high-end stores for fashion and jewelry

When it came to shopping, Whitney Houston had exquisite taste. She was often seen browsing through high-end stores, searching for the latest fashion trends and stunning pieces of jewelry. From designer clothing to statement accessories, she had an eye for elegance and glamour.

Some of her favorite shopping destinations included upscale boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles, and Paris.

Shopping was both a hobby and a stress reliever for her

For Whitney Houston, shopping was not just a hobby; it was also a way to alleviate stress. In the midst of her demanding career and personal challenges, she found solace in the act of purchasing beautiful items.

It provided her with a sense of empowerment and allowed her to express her unique sense of style. Whether she was buying a new outfit for a red carpet event or treating herself to a sparkly piece of jewelry, shopping brought her joy and helped her unwind.

According to Biography.com, Whitney Houston’s love for shopping was well-known among her friends and colleagues. She was often praised for her impeccable taste and the way she effortlessly put together stunning looks.

Her shopping sprees were not only a way to enhance her wardrobe but also a form of self-expression. Whitney Houston’s passion for shopping will always be remembered as one of the many facets that made her an icon.

Game Nights with Family Were Important to Her

Whitney Houston, the legendary singer, had a passion for spending quality time with her loved ones. One of her favorite ways to have fun was by organizing game nights with her family and close friends.

These game nights were a cherished tradition for Houston, and she made sure to prioritize them in her busy schedule.

Playing board and card games was a favorite pastime

When it came to game nights, Houston loved playing a variety of board and card games. She found joy in the friendly competition and the opportunity to bond with her loved ones. Whether it was a classic board game like Monopoly or a fast-paced card game like Poker, Houston was always up for a challenge.

Houston often hosted game nights with family and close friends

Being the gracious host that she was, Houston frequently invited her family and close friends to her game nights. These gatherings provided an intimate setting for laughter, friendly banter, and unforgettable memories.

Houston’s game nights were known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating a space where everyone felt comfortable and included.

Some of her favorite games included Scrabble, Uno, and Taboo

While Houston enjoyed a wide range of games, there were a few that held a special place in her heart. Scrabble, with its wordplay and strategic thinking, was a particular favorite of hers. She loved the challenge of coming up with high-scoring words and showcasing her linguistic prowess.

Another game that Houston frequently played was Uno. Its simple rules and fast-paced nature made it a hit among both children and adults. Houston’s competitive spirit always shone through during intense Uno matches, adding an extra level of excitement to the game.

Lastly, Taboo was another game that Houston enjoyed. This word-based game required players to describe a word or phrase without using specific “taboo” words. Houston’s quick thinking and ability to convey ideas in creative ways made her a formidable opponent in this party favorite.

Whitney Houston’s love for game nights with her family and close friends showcased her fun-loving and down-to-earth personality. It was a way for her to unwind, connect with loved ones, and create lasting memories.

These game nights were a reflection of Houston’s joyous spirit and the importance she placed on treasuring the simple pleasures in life.

She Was a Movie Buff

Houston enjoyed watching films in her free time

When Whitney Houston wasn’t captivating audiences with her incredible voice, she loved to relax and enjoy a good movie. Like many of us, she found solace and entertainment in the world of cinema. Whether she was on a break from her demanding schedule or simply looking for some downtime, Houston would often curl up on the couch and lose herself in the magic of the silver screen.

She liked comedies, dramas, action movies and thought-provoking stories

Houston had a diverse taste in movies, appreciating a wide range of genres. From side-splitting comedies that made her laugh out loud to gripping dramas that pulled at her heartstrings, she found joy in exploring different storytelling styles.

Action movies with their thrilling sequences and thought-provoking stories that challenged her perspective were also among her favorites. This love for various genres showcased her versatility and open-mindedness when it came to the art of filmmaking.

A few of her favorite movies included The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, and The Color Purple

While Houston enjoyed many films throughout her life, there were a few that held a special place in her heart. One of her most iconic roles was in the romantic drama “The Bodyguard,” where she portrayed a superstar singer named Rachel Marron.

The film not only showcased her acting talent but also gave her the opportunity to showcase her mesmerizing voice. Another favorite of Houston’s was “Waiting to Exhale,” a film that explored the lives and friendships of four African-American women.

Lastly, she had a deep appreciation for the powerful and emotional story portrayed in “The Color Purple,” a film based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker.

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She Traveled the World Extensively

Whitney Houston, known for her mesmerizing voice and incredible talent, had a passion for exploring the world. Throughout her successful career, she embarked on numerous international adventures, immersing herself in different cultures and experiencing the beauty of various countries.

Houston loved to travel and toured many countries over her career

Whitney Houston’s love for travel was evident in her extensive touring schedule. She performed in countless cities across the globe, captivating audiences with her powerful performances. From sold-out stadiums to intimate venues, Houston left her mark on stages around the world.

Some of her favorite destinations included Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Paris

While Whitney Houston explored numerous countries, there were a few destinations that held a special place in her heart. Hawaii, with its stunning beaches and tropical landscapes, was one of her favorite getaway spots.

The Bahamas also captured her attention with its clear blue waters and vibrant culture. And when it came to romance and sophistication, Paris was a city that Houston couldn’t resist.

She enjoyed both exotic international trips and low-key domestic getaways

Whitney Houston appreciated the thrill of venturing to far-off lands, but she also enjoyed the simple pleasures of domestic getaways. Whether it was a weekend retreat to a cozy cabin in the mountains or a beach vacation along the California coast, she embraced the opportunity to relax and recharge.

Through her travels, Houston not only discovered new places but also gained a deeper understanding of different cultures, which undoubtedly influenced her music. The experiences she had and the people she met along the way shaped her as an artist and contributed to her immense success.

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Quality Time with Her Daughter Was Precious

Whitney Houston was not only a legendary singer but also a dedicated mother to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Despite her busy schedule and demanding career, Houston always made sure to prioritize spending quality time with her beloved daughter.

Their bond was unbreakable, and they cherished every moment they had together.

Houston always made time for her daughter Bobbi Kristina

Despite her fame and success, Whitney Houston always made it a point to prioritize her role as a mother. She understood the importance of being present in her daughter’s life and made sure to create lasting memories together.

Whether it was attending school events, supporting Bobbi Kristina’s hobbies, or simply spending time at home, Houston was always there for her daughter.

They often had spa days, movie nights, and shopping trips together

One of the ways Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina enjoyed their quality time together was through various activities that they both loved. Spa days were a favorite for the mother-daughter duo, where they would indulge in pampering treatments and relaxation.

Movie nights were also a common occurrence, where they would snuggle up on the couch and enjoy their favorite films together. Additionally, they loved going on shopping trips, exploring the latest fashion trends and bonding over their shared love for style.

Some of their favorite mother-daughter activities included baking cookies and visiting amusement parks

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina had a special connection in the kitchen. Baking cookies together was one of their favorite activities, allowing them to bond over a shared love for sweets and culinary creativity.

They would spend hours measuring ingredients, mixing the dough, and eagerly waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven.

Another cherished activity for Houston and Bobbi Kristina was visiting amusement parks. They would spend whole days riding roller coasters, playing games, and indulging in all the fun the parks had to offer. These outings allowed them to let loose, laugh, and create unforgettable memories together.

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Whitney Houston’s extraordinary talent captivated the world, but during her downtime she enjoyed typical hobbies like shopping, gaming, and travel. She cherished moments of laughter and relaxation with her loved ones, and found simple pleasures in movies, board games, and spending time with her daughter. Though her music career made her an icon, she remained down-to-earth in her recreational pastimes. Houston gave her all to every performance, but found joy recharging with casual activities that balanced the pressures of fame. For a woman with such an awe-inspiring voice, she had quite ordinary tastes when it came to having fun.

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