What Part Of Florida Is Disney World Located In?

Disney World is one of the most iconic theme park destinations in the world, bringing joy to millions of visitors every year. If you’re planning a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth, you probably want to know exactly where in Florida it is located.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Walt Disney World Resort is located in Central Florida, approximately 25 miles southwest of Orlando in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista.

In this comprehensive guide, we will go over everything you need to know about what part of Florida Disney World calls home. We’ll share a detailed overview of the resort’s location in relation to major Florida cities and attractions. We’ll also provide maps and directions to help you easily navigate your magical vacation.

Locating Disney World in Central Florida

Disney World, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, is located in Central Florida. This expansive theme park and resort complex covers a vast area and is situated in the heart of the Sunshine State.

Overview of Disney World’s location

Disney World is specifically located in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It spans over 27,000 acres, making it roughly the same size as San Francisco! The complex is divided into four main theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Distance and direction from major Florida cities

Disney World’s location in Central Florida makes it easily accessible from various major cities in the state. Here are the approximate distances and directions from some popular Florida destinations:

  • Orlando: Disney World is located southwest of downtown Orlando, just a short drive away (approximately 20 miles).
  • Tampa: The distance between Tampa and Disney World is approximately 80 miles, with a drive time of around 1.5 hours.
  • Miami: If you’re traveling from Miami, you’ll be looking at a longer journey of about 230 miles, taking around 4 hours by car.

Relation to other Central Florida attractions

Disney World is not the only attraction in Central Florida. In fact, the area is known for its abundance of theme parks and entertainment options. Some of the other popular attractions in the vicinity of Disney World include Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

Visitors to Central Florida often take advantage of the proximity of these attractions and plan their trips accordingly. With so many options available, it’s no wonder that Central Florida is considered a mecca for theme park enthusiasts.

For more information about Disney World and its location in Central Florida, you can visit the official Walt Disney World website at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/.

The Geography and Layout of Disney World

Disney World is located in Central Florida, specifically in the area known as Bay Lake. Spanning across an impressive 40 square miles, it is one of the largest and most iconic theme park resorts in the world.

The resort is located southwest of Orlando, in close proximity to other popular attractions such as Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando.

Walt Disney World Resort spanning across 40 square miles

With its vast size, Disney World offers visitors a wide range of experiences and attractions, making it a destination that can cater to all interests and age groups. From thrilling rides and shows to immersive themed lands, there is something for everyone within its borders.

The resort is designed to provide guests with a seamless experience, with efficient transportation options connecting the various areas.

Within the 40 square miles, Disney World is divided into several distinct areas, each offering its own unique attractions and experiences. These include the four main theme parks, water parks, golf courses, Disney Springs shopping and entertainment complex, and more.

The four main theme parks

The heart of Disney World is its four main theme parks, each with its own distinctive theme and atmosphere. These parks are:

  • Magic Kingdom: This iconic park is home to Cinderella Castle and is known for its classic Disney characters, enchanting fairy tales, and beloved attractions like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Epcot: Epcot combines technology, innovation, and global culture. Visitors can explore Future World, filled with futuristic attractions and exhibits, and travel around the world in the World Showcase, where they can experience the cultures and cuisines of different countries.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: This park celebrates the world of movies, television, and entertainment. Guests can experience thrilling attractions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Toy Story Land, as well as live shows and behind-the-scenes experiences.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: As the largest Disney theme park in the world, Animal Kingdom is a unique blend of entertainment and wildlife conservation. Visitors can go on safaris, experience thrilling rides such as Expedition Everest, and marvel at the beauty of nature and exotic animals.

Disney World’s 27 themed resort hotels

Disney World offers a variety of accommodations for guests, with 27 themed resort hotels to choose from. These hotels range from budget-friendly options to luxurious accommodations, all designed to immerse guests in the magic of Disney.

From the Victorian elegance of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to the adventurous spirit of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, each hotel provides its own unique theming and amenities. Staying at one of these resort hotels allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the Disney experience, with benefits such as extended park hours and transportation to and from the parks.

For more information about Disney World’s geography and layout, you can visit the official Disney World website.

Driving Directions to Walt Disney World

From Orlando

If you’re already in Orlando, getting to Walt Disney World is a breeze! Simply hop on Interstate 4 (I-4) and head southwest. Follow the signs for Walt Disney World and you’ll find yourself at the entrance in no time. The journey usually takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Remember to keep an eye out for the iconic Cinderella Castle as you approach!

From Tampa

If you’re coming from Tampa, the drive to Walt Disney World is a bit longer but definitely worth it for the magical experience that awaits you. Take Interstate 4 (I-4) eastbound towards Orlando. As you near the outskirts of the city, keep following the signs for Walt Disney World.

The journey from Tampa usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

From South Florida

For those traveling from South Florida, you have a couple of options. One popular route is to take Florida’s Turnpike northbound until you reach Interstate 4 (I-4). From there, head west towards Tampa and follow the signs for Walt Disney World.

Another option is to take Interstate 95 (I-95) northbound until you reach Interstate 4 (I-4), then head west towards Tampa. Both routes will take you to the magical destination within a few hours, depending on traffic.

From Jacksonville

If you’re coming from Jacksonville, you’ll have a bit of a longer drive ahead of you. Start by taking Interstate 95 (I-95) southbound towards Orlando. Once you reach the outskirts of the city, merge onto Interstate 4 (I-4) westbound and continue following the signs for Walt Disney World.

The journey from Jacksonville usually takes around 3 hours, but the anticipation of the fun that awaits you will make the time fly by!

Tips for Navigating Disney World

Disney World is a massive complex located in Orlando, Florida. With four theme parks, two water parks, and numerous resorts, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. However, with some helpful tips, you can make your visit to Disney World a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Using the complimentary transportation system

Disney World offers a complimentary transportation system that includes buses, boats, and the famous monorail. This transportation system is not only convenient but also adds to the magic of your Disney experience.

The buses run regularly between the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs, making it easy to move around without having to worry about parking or driving. The boats provide a scenic and relaxing way to travel between certain locations, while the monorail offers a unique and iconic way to get from one park to another.

Taking advantage of these transportation options can save you time and make your visit more enjoyable.

Walking distances between the parks

While the transportation system is convenient, there are also walking paths that connect some of the parks and resorts. For example, you can walk from Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios via the International Gateway, or from Disney’s Contemporary Resort to Magic Kingdom.

These walking paths can be a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and save time, especially during busy periods when transportation lines may be long. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as some walking distances can be quite lengthy.

Best routes for driving between resorts and parks

If you prefer to drive or have your own transportation, knowing the best routes between resorts and parks can save you time and frustration. Disney World has well-marked signs and roads that make it easy to navigate.

It’s important to note that parking at the theme parks is not free, so be prepared for that additional cost. Additionally, using a GPS or navigation app can be helpful in finding the most efficient routes and avoiding any traffic or road closures.

For more information and specific directions, you can visit the official Disney World website at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/. They have detailed maps and directions that can assist you in planning your visit and navigating the complex.

By utilizing the complimentary transportation system, taking advantage of walking paths, and knowing the best driving routes, you can navigate Disney World with ease. Remember to plan ahead, stay flexible, and make the most of your magical adventure!


Knowing exactly where Disney World is located in Central Florida can help you better plan your magical vacation. With transportation information, area maps, and directions, you’ll have everything you need to easily navigate the 40 square miles that make up one of the most popular resort destinations in the world.

From its proximity to Orlando to the layout of its four main theme parks, understanding Disney World’s geography in Florida can ensure your family gets the most out of your time at The Most Magical Place on Earth. With this guide providing every detail of the resort’s location, you’ll be ready to experience the magic of Disney!

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