The Worst Casino In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its glitzy casinos, bright lights and endless entertainment options. With so many choices, it can be hard to know which casinos to avoid. If you’re looking for the absolute worst casino in Vegas, here’s a quick answer: Circus Circus ranks as the lowest quality casino on the Strip.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into why Circus Circus stands out as the worst of the worst when it comes to Vegas casinos. We’ll look at its dated decor, lackluster gaming options, mediocre dining selections and underwhelming entertainment. We’ll also touch on its sketchy location and outdated vibe compared to other casino hotels on the Strip. Read on to learn all about this lackluster casino and why you’re better off spending your time and money elsewhere in Vegas.

Its Old and Outdated Appearance

When it comes to the worst casino in Las Vegas, one of the first things that stands out is its old and outdated appearance. The decor in this casino hasn’t been updated since the 90s, giving it a nostalgic but not in a good way vibe.

The neon lights, gaudy carpets, and tacky wallpaper take you back in time, but not in a way that makes you feel like you’re in a glamorous casino. Instead, it feels like you’ve stumbled into a time capsule that hasn’t been touched in decades.

Decor That Hasn’t Been Updated Since the 90s

The decor in this casino is a blast from the past. The neon signs that once seemed cool and modern now look outdated and cheesy. The flashy lights and bright colors that were once the height of fashion now seem garish and overdone.

The carpets are worn and stained, the wallpaper is peeling, and the furniture looks like it’s straight out of a vintage thrift store. It’s clear that this casino has not kept up with the times when it comes to its decor.

Lack of Recent Renovations

Another contributing factor to this casino’s old and outdated appearance is the lack of recent renovations. While other casinos in Las Vegas have undergone extensive makeovers to keep up with the ever-changing trends and preferences of visitors, this particular casino seems to have been left behind.

The lack of investment in modernizing the facilities is evident in the worn-out carpets, outdated technology, and overall lackluster atmosphere.

It’s no wonder that this casino has earned a reputation as one of the worst in Las Vegas. Visitors expect to be dazzled and amazed by the glitz and glamour of the city, but instead, they are met with a casino that looks like it’s stuck in a time warp.

The lack of attention to detail and failure to keep up with current design trends is a major disappointment for anyone looking to have an enjoyable and visually appealing casino experience.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas and want to avoid the worst casinos, it’s best to do your research beforehand. There are many great resources online that provide up-to-date information on the best and worst casinos in the city.

Websites like and offer reviews and ratings from fellow travelers that can help guide your decision-making process. Remember, it’s worth taking the time to find a casino that not only offers great games and entertainment but also has a modern and visually appealing atmosphere.

After all, a trip to Las Vegas is all about indulging in the best that the city has to offer.

Unimpressive Gaming Options

When it comes to the worst casino in Las Vegas, the unimpressive gaming options are one of the major factors that contribute to its lackluster reputation. Visitors to this particular establishment often find themselves underwhelmed and disappointed by the limited choices available.

Small Selection of Table Games

One of the primary reasons why this casino falls short in terms of gaming options is its small selection of table games. Unlike other casinos in Las Vegas, which boast a wide array of tables offering various popular games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette, this particular establishment offers only a handful of options.

Visitors looking for a thrilling and diverse table gaming experience will be left wanting more.

Minimal Slot Variety

Another aspect that contributes to the lackluster gaming options at this casino is the minimal variety of slot machines. Slot enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different themes, features, and jackpot sizes will be disappointed by the limited selection available here.

In contrast, renowned casinos in Las Vegas offer an extensive range of slot machines, ensuring that every player can find their preferred game.

Low Maximum Bets

For high rollers and seasoned gamblers, the low maximum bets at this casino can be a major letdown. Unlike other establishments in Las Vegas where players can bet large sums of money, this particular casino imposes strict limits on the maximum bets allowed.

This restriction can diminish the excitement and thrill that players seek when they visit a casino, especially for those who enjoy taking higher risks.

Mediocre Dining Choices

When it comes to dining options, the worst casino in Las Vegas certainly lives up to its reputation. With limited restaurant selections, minimal gourmet options, and a predominance of fast food, visitors are left wanting for a truly satisfying culinary experience.

Limited Restaurant Selections

One of the major disappointments at the worst casino in Las Vegas is the lack of variety when it comes to dining. Unlike other casinos in the city that boast an array of restaurants, this particular establishment falls short in this department.

With only a handful of dining options, visitors are left with limited choices, making it difficult to find something that suits their taste buds.

Minimal Gourmet Options

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, you’ll be sorely disappointed at the worst casino in Las Vegas. The lack of gourmet options is a glaring flaw. Unlike other casinos that offer high-end restaurants with renowned chefs, this casino fails to deliver.

The absence of gourmet cuisine leaves visitors craving a truly exceptional dining experience that can’t be found within its walls.

Mostly Fast Food

Fast food seems to be the go-to choice at the worst casino in Las Vegas. Instead of offering a diverse range of dining experiences, this establishment primarily focuses on fast food chains. While some may enjoy a quick and easy meal, others may find the lack of healthier and more substantial options to be disappointing.

Visitors looking for a more upscale dining experience will have to look elsewhere in Las Vegas.

Underwhelming Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, the worst casino in Las Vegas truly lives up to its reputation. Visitors to this lackluster establishment are often disappointed by the underwhelming entertainment options available.

Infrequent Headliner Performances

One of the major letdowns of this casino is the infrequency of headliner performances. Unlike other casinos in Las Vegas that boast a steady lineup of world-class entertainers, this particular establishment fails to attract top-tier talent on a regular basis.

Visitors are left with limited options when it comes to live shows, which can be a major disappointment for those seeking a memorable entertainment experience.

Adjacent Rundown Theme Park

Adding to the disappointment, this casino is situated next to a rundown theme park. While Las Vegas is known for its vibrant and exciting attractions, this theme park fails to live up to its neighboring casinos.

Visitors hoping for a thrilling and immersive experience are often left underwhelmed by the lack of maintenance and outdated attractions. It’s no wonder that many visitors opt to spend their time and money elsewhere.

Minimal Nightlife Options

Another area where this casino falls short is in its nightlife offerings. Unlike the bustling clubs and bars found in other casinos, this establishment offers minimal options for those looking to dance the night away or enjoy a vibrant social scene.

Visitors often find themselves searching for alternative venues to continue their evening festivities, as the lack of nightlife options within the casino leaves much to be desired.

Inconvenient and Unsafe Location

When it comes to casinos in Las Vegas, location is everything. Unfortunately, the worst casino in the city is plagued by an inconvenient and unsafe location that can be a major deterrent for visitors. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why this casino’s location is far from ideal.

Northern End of the Strip

The worst casino in Las Vegas is situated at the northern end of the famous Las Vegas Strip. While the southern part of the Strip is bustling with activity and offers easy access to some of the city’s most iconic attractions, the northern end is often considered less desirable.

Visitors staying at hotels on the southern end of the Strip may find it inconvenient and time-consuming to travel all the way to this casino.

Adjacent to Sketchy Areas

Another drawback of the worst casino’s location is its proximity to sketchy areas. Safety is a top priority for visitors, and unfortunately, this casino is located in an area that has a reputation for being less secure.

This can make visitors feel uneasy and discouraged from spending time at the casino, especially during nighttime.

Far from Central Vegas Action

One of the biggest disadvantages of the worst casino’s location is its distance from the central Vegas action. Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife, world-class entertainment, and vibrant atmosphere.

However, this casino is located far away from the heart of the action, making it less appealing to tourists who want to immerse themselves in the excitement that Vegas has to offer.


With its outdated decor, limited amenities, mediocre dining and lackluster entertainment, Circus Circus clearly stands out as the worst casino hotel in Las Vegas. Its inconvenient location far from the central Strip and proximity to sketchy areas only add to its unappealing vibe. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, do yourself a favor and stay far away from this low-end establishment. Instead, opt for one of the many posh and lively casino resorts in prime locations right on the central Strip. You’ll be glad you skipped this Vegas dud.

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