What Do You Call Someone From Massachusetts? Names And Nicknames For Bay Staters

People from the U.S. state of Massachusetts are informally called Bay Staters or Massachusettsians. But they also go by more colorful nicknames based on historical and cultural associations. Read on to learn the names, origins and history behind what Massachusetts natives are called.

Official and Common Names

When it comes to referring to someone from Massachusetts, there are a few different names that you might come across. The official demonym for a person from Massachusetts is “Massachusettsian.” However, this term is not commonly used in everyday conversation.

Instead, residents of Massachusetts are more commonly referred to as “Bay Staters.”


The term “Massachusettsian” is derived from the name of the state itself and is the official demonym used to describe someone from Massachusetts. However, it is not widely used in practice and is more commonly found in formal or official contexts.

In everyday conversation, you are unlikely to hear someone refer to themselves or others as a “Massachusettsian.” Instead, residents of the state typically use the term “Bay Stater” to identify themselves.

Bay Stater

The term “Bay Stater” is the more commonly used nickname for someone from Massachusetts. It is derived from the state’s nickname, “The Bay State,” which is a reference to the numerous bays along the Massachusetts coastline.

The term “Bay Stater” has a certain charm to it and is often used affectionately by residents of Massachusetts to describe themselves and their fellow residents.

Being called a “Bay Stater” is a point of pride for many Massachusetts residents, as it signifies their connection to the state’s rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful coastal landscapes. It is a term that reflects the strong sense of community and identity that exists among the people of Massachusetts.

So, whether you’re a Massachusettsian or a Bay Stater, one thing is for sure – you’re part of a unique and proud community of people who call the Bay State home.

Origin of ‘Bay Stater’

The term ‘Bay Stater’ is a popular nickname for residents of Massachusetts. It is derived from the state’s location along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, specifically the Massachusetts Bay. This nickname has become synonymous with the identity of people from the state and is widely recognized both locally and nationally.

Refers to Massachusetts Bay

The name ‘Bay Stater’ directly refers to Massachusetts Bay, a large body of water located on the eastern coast of the state. The bay extends from Cape Ann in the north to Cape Cod in the south. Massachusetts Bay has played a significant role in the state’s history, serving as a vital transportation route and a source of natural resources for centuries.

Nickname dates back to the 17th century

The nickname ‘Bay Stater’ has a long history, dating back to the 17th century when the Massachusetts Bay Colony was established. The term was originally used to identify the colonists who settled in the area surrounding Massachusetts Bay, including Boston and the surrounding towns.

Over time, it became a popular moniker for all residents of the state.

Today, the term ‘Bay Stater’ is embraced by Massachusetts residents and is often used as a point of pride. It represents a sense of community and shared history among the diverse population of the state.

To learn more about the history of Massachusetts and its residents, you can visit https://www.mass.gov/, the official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Other Nicknames for Massachusetts Residents


While “Mainer” is traditionally used to refer to someone from the neighboring state of Maine, some people in Massachusetts have adopted this nickname as a playful way to identify themselves. It’s a lighthearted nod to the close proximity and shared New England culture between the two states.

So, don’t be surprised if you hear someone from Massachusetts jokingly call themselves a “Mainer”!


Given the state’s rich history and connection to the fishing industry, it’s no surprise that Massachusetts residents have been affectionately referred to as “Codfish.” The Atlantic cod has long been an important part of the region’s economy and cuisine.

This nickname pays homage to the state’s maritime heritage and the role that codfish has played in shaping Massachusetts’ identity.


The nickname “Chowderhead” is a playful term used to describe someone from Massachusetts. It stems from the state’s famous clam chowder, a beloved dish that is often associated with New England cuisine.

The term is used in a lighthearted manner to highlight the locals’ love for this delicious seafood soup. So, if someone calls you a “Chowderhead” in Massachusetts, it’s likely meant as a term of endearment!

It’s worth noting that these nicknames are not used by everyone in Massachusetts, and their popularity may vary depending on the region or individual preferences. They are more like playful monikers that add to the unique cultural fabric of the state.

If you want to learn more about the nicknames and cultural references associated with Massachusetts residents, you can visit MassLive.com, a popular news website covering Massachusetts and New England.

Use of Names and Nicknames Today

When it comes to referring to someone from Massachusetts, the most common term used is “Bay Stater.” This nickname has been widely adopted and embraced by the residents of the state. It not only represents their geographical location but also their pride in being a part of the vibrant and historic region of New England.

Bay Stater is most common

The term “Bay Stater” has gained popularity over the years and is now widely recognized as the official nickname for someone from Massachusetts. It is often used in casual conversations, media references, and even official documents.

The term not only represents the state’s coastal location along the Massachusetts Bay but also reflects the unique identity and culture of the people who call Massachusetts their home.

New England patriotism

The use of the term “Bay Stater” goes beyond just a nickname; it is a reflection of the strong sense of New England patriotism that residents of Massachusetts hold. The people of this state take pride in their rich history, revolutionary heritage, and cultural contributions.

The term “Bay Stater” serves as a unifying force, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds under a shared identity.

Some nicknames considered derogatory now

While the term “Bay Stater” is widely accepted and embraced, there are a few nicknames that were once used but are now considered derogatory. These terms, such as “Masshole” or “Taxachusetts,” were often used to mock or criticize the state and its residents.

However, it is important to note that the usage of such derogatory nicknames is not only disrespectful but also perpetuates stereotypes. It is always better to use inclusive and respectful language when referring to individuals from Massachusetts.


The official term for Massachusetts natives is Massachusettsians, but Bay Stater has become the most widely used and accepted nickname. Chowderhead and other humorous names persist in New England culture, but their usage has declined. Understanding the history behind these monikers provides insight into Massachusetts identity and regional pride.

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